Nintendo’s Year In Review Is Back To Remind You How Much You Played Animal Crossing In 2020

2020’s days are numbered, thankfully, and that means that many companies are releasing their year in review roundups. Of course, Spotify is perhaps the most notable company to do this, but Nintendo has returned to remind you just how much time you spent on your Animal Crossing island while you were stuck at home this year.

While Animal Crossing didn’t ultimately take home Game of The Year, it did manage to stay relevant throughout the entirety of the year. Each time the season changed, you could expect that the game would change with it, bringing new content and aesthetics. The game even bled into politics, charitable efforts, and an advertisement for Kelley Blue Book. Of course, there have been plenty of other games released for the Nintendo Switch, including the “most popular game ever”—Among Us.

Regardless of what you’ve been playing, Nintendo’s here to tell you how much time you’ve spent on different games, what kind of gamer you are, and how many Nintendo Gold points you’ve earned. Anyone with a Nintendo account can access their year in review by going to Nintendo’s website and signing in.

Members of the Engadget team have earned the titles of “Nintendo Fan,” and “Getaway Traveler” for spending most of their time playing Nintendo games, or Animal Crossing respectively. Last year, the tool showed you the first day that you turned your console on, and the title of the first game that you ever played in the year. However, those features didn’t make a return for 2020. It does still show you which day of the week has been your favorite gaming day and a bar graph of how many hours that you’ve played each month of the year.

Overall, 2020 has been a record-breaking year for the gaming industry. More hours of gaming content have been watched this year than any other, companies have made more money this year than others, and records have been set and broken within days of each other. All of that being said, we assume that you too have broken personal records for your time spent with games. One can only hope that the same can be said a year from now. Without a pandemic, this time.

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