No Man’s Sky’s Double Squid Is Back, And This Time, It’s Personal

No Man's Sky has its fair share of weird and wacky creatures. Well, it should have a near-infinite amount of them, actually, due to the sheer size of its galaxy. Even so, there are some special ones that stay in our minds, like the cursed double squid, so named due to its 16 tentacles. They've now been spotted for the first time in four years. When the Next update was launched a bug wiped them all out and they were believed to be extinct. Until now.

As reported by Kotaku, Redditor Dashboard-Devil had become enamoured with the squiggly cephalopods when they first spotted them four years ago. Based on the pictures they look really large, but that could just be a perspective trick, as the video Dashboard-Devil took makes them look rather small.

Still, size isn't important, it's what they do with their 16 arms that counts. And what they do is blob around unceremoniously. They're more like jellyfish than squid, really.

They've brought joy to Dashboard-Devil. Someone who scoured the galaxy hoping to run into these blissful creatures once more. In a near-infinite cosmos, the chances of second meetings are ridiculously slim, so it's wonderful to learn whatever bug removed them from the galaxy has been fixed somehow.

No Man's Sky recently got a free Outlaws update that adds pirates and cool capes to the game. This update mainly focuses on space combat, rebalancing weapons and adding enemy shields, the ability to create your own fighter squadrons, and a hangar expansion for up to nine spaceships.

However, it seems that Sean Murray hasn't learned from the downfall of all the hype created when No Man's Sky first launched, as he's said the studio's next game will "seem impossible" for an indie to have made.

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