Nvidia Announces RTX 40-Series Graphics Cards With RTX 4090 Launching October 12

Today's GeForce Beyond presentation has finally officially announced the long-rumored Nvidia RTX 40-series video cards. Both the RTX 4090 and RTX 4080 were revealed during the presentation, with Founders Edition cards that will be available in October and November, respectively.

The RTX 4090 arrives October 12 for $1,599. Packed with a whopping 24 GB of DDR6 VRAM, Nvidia promises its new flagship video card will offer framerates between two and four times faster than the RTX 3090 Ti but with the same power consumption. Nvidia recommends an 850-watt power supply to keep its new beast well-fed.

For those who want the numbers, the 4090 will boast 16,384 CUDA Cores, a base clock speed of 2.23GHz, 1,321 Tensor-TFLOPs, 191 RT-TFLOPs, and 83 Shader-TFLOPs. For comparison, the PS5 offers a mere 10.3 TFLOPs of computational power.

The RTX 4080, meanwhile, will come in two different versions. A 16 GB version will be priced at $1,199, while the 12 GB version starts at $899. Both are coming in November, but Nvidia didn't say exactly when.

Nvidia's comparisons on the 4080 are aimed at the 3080 Ti, where again it promises performance that's between two and four times better. Curiously, the 16 GB version of the RTX 4080 doesn't just offer more memory, but also offers more computing power with greater CUDA Cores, clock speeds, and TFLOPs across the board. Nvidia says that the 12 GB requires a 700-watt PSU, while the 16 GB RTX 4080 will require a 750-watt PSU.

Nvidia provided us with tests of both cards on Microsoft Flight Simulator, Warhammer 40,000: Darktide, and Cyberpunk 2077, and indeed the framerate values at 4K resolutions were between two and four times greater than the previous generation, although the 16 GB 4080 seemed to only push Cyberpunk to be three times faster. Things were even more ludicrous with older esports titles where the RTX 4090 ran Fortnite at 600 fps.

Third-gen ray tracing was a big part of both the RTX 40-series and Nvidia's presentation in general, which will be on full display in the upcoming Portal RTX update. Nvidia also released a new modding tool that'll make it easier than ever for modders to add ray tracing to your favorite games.

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