Octopath Traveler: Champions Of The Continent – Which Story Should You Start With?

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In Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent, you will be able to play through three stories focusing on the masters of Wealth, Power, and Fame, as they hold tyrannical control over their respective regions of Orsterra.

As you play through each story, you will upgrade your own Influence in Wealth, Power, and Fame, increasing your party's stats. When you first begin the game, you will have to choose which story you want to play first. Let's take a look at which story you should choose first, and the benefits of each.

Which Story Should You Start With?

Although you have to choose one story to start with, you will be able to play through all three stories at any time you want. For example, you can choose to play through all three chapters of the Power story before starting one of the other two, or you can complete all of them at the same time.

That said, there are small benefits to completing certain stories. Upon completing a story chapter, you will gain Influence points according to the story you completed. Ranking up each Influence will grant different bonuses, like increased experience gain or increased physical attack damage.

Because of these bonuses, choosing one story over another will have a slight benefit if you're looking to maximize your bonuses as you explore.

Benefits Of Wealth, Power, And Fame

There are a total of nine Traveler Skills that you gain by leveling up your Wealth, Power, and Fame rank. These bonuses will be upgraded as you reach higher Influence ranks. Listed below are each bonus, and which Influence you gain it from.

Exp. UpPhysical Attack UpElemental Attack Up
Leaves UpAlly Uses UpMaximum Allies Up
Smithy DiscountMove Speed UpCait Rate Up

The Wealth bonuses are, overall, much stronger than they others, as they will increase your experience gain, which is essential for powering up early on. Even a 0.2 percent increase in experience will grant you an additional 200 experience points when defeating a normal Cait, equivalent to the amount you would gain from a few normal battles in the early levels.

Because of this, if you want to gain these bonuses as soon as possible, we recommend starting with the Wealth story before moving to the others. Fame is another good choice, as higher levels of this Influence will increase your chances of encountering Caits in the wild.

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