Oculus Quest 2 Launch: Best Games, Accessories, and Live Q&A

Oculus Quest 2 launch day will have a lot of people around the world looking out their windows waiting for a delivery truck to drive up.

While refreshing their shipper’s tracking information on October 13, we expect many looking for answers and advice about virtual reality. We’re ready to help. Starting at 7 am Pacific time on October 13 we’re going to be livestreaming a trans-continental Q&A from our virtual studio. We’ll be answering questions live and throughout the day with several Quest 2 headsets in the studio during the broadcast.

Oculus Quest 2 Q&A Livestream


We’ll be kicking off the stream with Jamie Feltham live for a couple hours, fresh from weeks of testing Quest 2 and its accessories.

He regards the headset itself as “The New King Of VR, If You Don’t Mind Facebook” but he’s also got the Elite Strap, the official case and the version of the strap with battery extension. In addition, he’s been relentlessly comparing Oculus Quest 2 graphics to everything else on the market on a title by title basis. If you’ve got an Oculus Quest 2 question on launch day, Jamie is going to be one of the best people to ask any questions, and he’s planning to be in the studio for a couple hours starting at 7 am Pacific on October 13. We’ll also have myself, David Jagneaux, Kyle Reisenbeck, Harry Baker and other members of the team in and out of the studio, or in the YouTube comments answering questions, throughout the day.

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Catch Up On Recent Coverage

We’ll have a lot of information to work through on the show including our favorite Oculus Quest and PC VR games across various genres. Whether you’ll be playing standalone or PC VR, we can probably help you find a game you’ll like. Even if we can’t, our commenters might be able to help! We’ll also talk deep dives into the future technology Facebook is pursuing — like the idea of “perceptual superpowers” — with Quest 2 being just another building block toward more powerful virtual reality and augmented reality headsets.

You can watch some of our recent videos below to get started with our coverage of Facebook’s latest VR headset:



The VR Download

In case you’re unfamiliar with our studio and podcast, the VR Download podcast is made entirely in VR.

Our colleague David Heaney built the studio in Unity featuring customized Oculus Avatars and hand tracking. While Heaney and I are separated by continents, and I’ve never actually met him, his studio allows our team to meet and talk about the latest changes to the VR market each week with a live audience. It’s experimental software and not perfect just yet, but each week the studio is getting better and we’ve already been using it with Quest 2 to great success. In recent weeks, we’ve also had some important conversations with guests including the developers of SideQuest, Virtual Desktop, and Bigscreen.

Check out some of those recent conversations below and we’ll see you live on October 13!


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