Oddworld Soulstorm: How To Save All Mudokons In The Mines

47 Mudokons need Abe's help in The Mines level in Oddworld Soulstorm. That might seem like too many Mudokons, but most are in large groups, so it is not that much work to save them all. Despite the high number of Mudokons, The Mines stage in Oddworld Soulstorm is a relatively shorter level.

The Mines level requires some good timing to keep your Mudokons alive, but it is easy compared to the challenges in Necrum. Keep your wits about you, and remember that timing is everything. This guide will show you every Mudokon location and the best path to their nearest portal.

Mudokons 1-9

To get to the first nine Mudokons, you need to take the minecart near the start to the next section.

Then make your way around the first set of locked doors. (You need Moula to open them)

Go into the cave entrance behind the Moula door.

Go right and sneak past the Sligs.

You will see a few Mudokons but ignore them for now. Keep moving right. Get past the obstacles.

Take the trolley to the back section.

Save the six Mudokon workers here.

Take the trolley back.

Avoid the many obstacles and make your way back to the Mudokons you passed earlier. This section is all about (you guessed it) timing.

Once you reach the three Mudokons, rescue them as well.

Go left past the crusher to find the portal. Send all nine Mudokons through the portal.

Mudokons 10-15

Exit this area through the door here.

Go right and get past the first crusher.

Pull the lever in the first gulley.

Jump around the next crusher. Pull the lever in the second gulley.

Go all the way right and jump down to the lower platform.

Save the Mudokon in the bottom right corner.

Go left and save the next three Mudokons.

Keep going left (avoid dying) and save the Mudokons here.

And here.

Keep going left until you reach the portal. Then send all six through the portal.

Mudokons 16-20

Go into the Power Station door.

Solve the puzzle to restore power to the elevator and exit.

Take the elevator down.

Then take the other minecart elevator thing further down.

Go right and enter the Power Station 2a door.

Go right and sneak past the movement sensors. Then save the three Mudokons here.

Jump up to the platform above and head left. There will be another Mudokon to save up here.

There is a fifth Mudokon between the crushers.

After you make your way around the platform, there will be a portal. Send all five Mudokons through the portal.

Mudokons 21-30

Exit the Power Station and take the minecart elevator back up.

Go right and get past the first crusher.

Save the two Mudokons here.

Get the fire extinguisher and put out the fire.

Go right and stop once you reach the crushers.

Get the Mudokon in the middle to follow you. Then have the Mudokons wait on the red pressure plate. This pressure plate activates the smoke in the middle, thus protecting you from the snipers.

Quickly have the Mudokons refollow you. The smoke will start to disappear, so once all three Mudokons reach the safe middle area, pull the lever to open the crusher on the right (also closes the crusher on the left). Then run to the right before the snipers see you. You have to be quick to make it through this section.

Keep going right until you reach the large structure with working Mudokons.

Have your three Mudokons wait by the checkpoint and then climb to the top of this structure. Start saving every Mudokon starting from the top and work your way down. As soon as the Mudokons stop working, a large blade will fall and destroy the structure. You need to be quick and have the Mudokons climb down the scaffolding to safety as quickly as possible.

Once everyone is safe, keep going right.

You will run into a portal. You know the drill here.

Mudokons 31-35

Go into Power Station 2b.

Sneak by this large deadly contraption. Ignore the Mudokons in the middle for now.

Make your way to the right and save the two Mudokons here.

Then save the three Mudokons in the middle.

Send the five Mudokons through the portal near the Power Station door.

Mudokons 36-42

Take the next minecart elevator down.

Go left and drop down past the sleeping Slig.

Save the five Mudokons on the lower platform.

Go left and get past the blades. On the other side of the blades is another two Mudokons. Keep going down the main path with all seven Mudokons following you.

Eventually, you will come across a massive spinning blade.

Get in between the blades and then disarm the bomb in the middle. Have your Mudokons wait somewhere safe in the middle while you disarm the bomb. Once the middle is safe, continue going left and get past this massive blade.

You will run into a portal. Send the Mudokons through this portal.

Mudokons 43-47

Keep going left until you get into the trolly. Instead of going forward, make the trolley go backward.

This direction will take you to a secret area.

In the back section, revive the five Mudokons here. Then send them through the portal.

That's every Mudokon in the Mines. You can now finish the level.

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