One Nintendo Switch Sports Player Has Already Smashed Their TV

16 years on from the launch of the original Wii Sports, alongside the arrival of the console it came bundled with, its spiritual successor has finally arrived. Nintendo Switch Sports launched on Friday and odds are many of you are taking a break from swinging virtual tennis racquets and chambara swords right this second. Hopefully, you've been using your Joy-Con wrist straps while doing so as yes, it is important, and someone has already fallen foul of not taking Nintendo's warnings seriously.

One full day out in the wild and someone has already managed to fling one of their Joy-Con into what looks like a pretty expensive TV screen, causing likely irreparable damage. The culprit is streamer 63man and yes, the incident went down as they were streaming Switch Sports to the world, as first reported by VGC.

63man is happily playing tennis when it happens. They swing their red Joy-Con to return the ball to their AI opponents, attempting to put some welly behind the shot, and the next thing you see is a look of horror on the streamer's face. You can check out the clip for yourselves below. If you watch carefully, you can see the Joy-Con leave 63man's hand as it flies across the screen and hits their TV with a thud, followed immediately by the streamer putting their hand over their mouth.

As the tennis match continues, without 63man at the helm, the streamer turns the camera to the screen so those watching can see the damage, and it's pretty bad. They can't say Nintendo didn't warn them. The day before Switch Sports launched, Nintendo Japan's customer service account warned those intending to play that children should be monitored while playing to make sure they don't hit each other or the screen.

This is nothing new either, especially if you were around for the Wii Sports hype 16 years ago. So many people were ignoring Nintendo's instructions, believing themselves to be above the wrist strap, that the number of injuries and broken TVs made mainstream news. Don't fall foul of that this time around. Heed the warnings, use the wrist straps, and stand as far away from your TV, and everyone else you're playing with, as you possibly can.

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