Only One Nintendo eShop Isn’t Celebrating Super Mario’s 35th Anniversary

The Nintendo eShop received a Mario makeover for the Italian plumber’s 35th anniversary in every country except China.

Mario just turned 35, and to celebrate, we got a bunch of new game announcements. There’s going to be a slight remaster of Mario 64, Mario Sunshine, and Mario Galaxy for the Switch in Super Mario 3D All-Stars, a brand new battle royale version of classic Mario with Super Mario Bros. 35, and a port of the Wii U’s Super Mario 3D World.

The Nintendo eShop also got in on the fun with a revamp that gave it a Mario makeover. There’s now Mario 64 animations running around along with a side menu featuring a banner of all the new and upcoming Mario titles.

It’s the same all around the world except for one notable exception: China. For whatever reason, China doesn’t want to celebrate Mario’s birthday, and instead, the eShop remains the same as it ever was.

It’s even stranger when you consider the fact that there are only a few Switch games approved for sale in China, and 30% of them include Mario.

So what gives? Well, this could be some weird nationalist thing where China sees Mario as a strictly Japanese mascot and doesn’t think that Japan is worth celebrating, or it could just be that China doesn’t actually consider Mario to be 35 years old. Nintendo only just started making inroads into the Chinese market last year, so Mario might very well be a brand new face to the average Chinese gamer.

It’s still weird not even acknowledging the fact that Mario is 35 years old, though.

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