Outriders Crash Reports Might Be Clogging Up Your Storage Space

If you’re playing Outriders on PC, you might want to take a quick peek at your C drive. One player recently discovered the game had already saved over 23GB of crash reports – all of which can be safely deleted without impacting your progress.

The news comes from PCGamer, which found the original report on Reddit. Apparently, the massive size of the crash reports isn’t an isolated incident – although the amount of wasted space will vary by player. If your game keeps going down, expect to see several subfolders and a lot of crash reports in your C drive, along with a lot of wasted space.

The folder in question is located here:

  • Users/[You]/AppData/Local/Madness/Saved

All files from that folder can be safely deleted without messing up your progress.

Crash reports are typically small – clocking in at far less than 1GB. Outriders had its fair share of launch day issues, but it’s a bit shocking to see how much its crash reports can clog up your storage space. People Can Fly is already working on several other fixes, but we’re hoping this one gets added to the ever-growing list.

A recent patch for Outriders was supposed to solve a variety of problems– although it ended up causing a dreaded Inventory Wipe bug to become more prevalent. The team then issued a follow-up patch, limiting the bug’s occurrence – although it wasn’t completely eradicated. If you’ve fallen prey to the nasty bug, People Can Fly is asking you to file a report so it can better understand what’s causing it to appear.

Despite the launch day hiccups, Outriders has still seen incredible success. The title skyrocketed to the top of Steam charts, hitting over 100,000 concurrent players just hours after launch. Meanwhile, it’s putting up impressive numbers on Xbox Live – even though it’s included for free with Game Pass.

People Can Fly is dedicated to fixing all the issues currently plaguing Outriders, so check back in the coming weeks for more updates and patches.

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