Overcooked is new free Epic Games Store game, not Ark: Survival Evolved

For the first time there’s an actual surprise as to what this week’s free Epic Games Store game is, as couch co-op classic Overcooked is unveiled.

Team17’s Overcooked is free for a week on Epic Games Store, which is a bit of a shock as everyone thought it was going to be Ark: Survival Evolved.

They had good reason to as well, since every free game so far, starting with Grand Theft Auto 5, has leaked out ahead of time.

A list suggesting Ark: Survival Evolved would be free from today got everything else right, so it may be that there was some last minute rights problem and Overcooked was used to fill in a gap in the schedule.


That theory makes more sense when you consider Overcooked was already free on Epic Games Store last July, so it seems a bit odd to bring it back now – especially as the sequel has been out for a while.

There’s already another mystery game scheduled for this time next week, so it may be that Ark: Survival Evolved has simply been delayed by a week.

Although everyone has welcomed the free games, Epic Games has also been showing a renewed interest in signing up exclusives lately, to stop them from appearing on Steam.

Their recent deal for A Total War Saga: Troy managed to be both a 12-month exclusive and a free offer, as long as you download it in the first 24 hours.


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