Overwatch 2: 10 Best Heroes For PvP

Overwatch 2 marked the beginning of a new era for the series. As loved as 6v6 was, it was an enormous challenge for the developers to balance. Overwatch's transition to 5v5 PvP lines it up with its contemporaries. However, the change also meant that the roster needed to undergo serious overhauls.

Doomfist and Orisa were reworked into practically new heroes, while other characters faced less drastic adjustments. Even then, the newest heroes, Kiriko and Junker Queen, are a glimpse into how Overwatch 2 will operate moving forward. The best heroes in Overwatch 2's PvP will surprise returning and casual fans.

10/10 Tracer

Overwatch, towards the end, was far from friendly for Tracer mains. Her survivability was limited by constant stuns and knockback abilities. Frankly, it was no wonder that her pick rates were abysmal. Overwatch 2 rectified those issues by cutting back on stuns. Most of the time, a tank will be the one throwing characters around.

Even with slightly reduced damage, Tracer still hits like a truck. The new DPS passive, which gives increased movement and reload speed with eliminations, pairs together perfectly with her kit. Her increase in mobility only makes dueling Tracer an even more daunting task.

9/10 Soldier 76

Soldier 76 wasn't always a contender for must-pick. His kit left something to be desired. As the developers buffed Soldier 76, leading up to Overwatch 2's release, his potential became abundantly clear. Even without a Mercy pocket, a competent Soldier 76 could blitz their way to victory.

Overwatch 2 pulled back on his damage, if only a little. He can still run wild and is the perfect starter character for new players. His Tactical Visor can finally headshot other heroes, but there is a damage falloff. He has consistent damage and reasonable mobility, and ultimately, you can't go wrong picking hitscan heroes.

8/10 Genji

Genji thrives in Overwatch 2. Genji no longer has to worry about being hit by an erroneous Cassidy flashbang or shield bashed out of a dash by Brigitte. And with fewer shields in the game, Genji players are free to do what they do best: throw shurikens and Dragonblade to victory.

The damage passive further complements an already powerful kit. Since assists reset his dash and eliminations give him a speed boost, Genji can chain his abilities much more easily and take out unsuspecting players. In the right hands, Genji is arguably one of the strongest characters in the game.

7/10 Doomfist

For better or worse, Doomfist becoming a tank was inevitable. While his one-shot capabilities are gone, his kit is still a force of nature. There's a bit of a learning curve, but once you get the hang of Doomfist, he's a fun tank with lots of mobility.

If you want an aggressive backline tank, Doomfist should be your number one pick. Seismic Slam allows you to dive immediately into the action. With some experimentation, you can even create the perfect combo to deal with pesky supports and flankers. You can also punch jump, which opens up a new world of mobility.

6/10 D.Va

Even when the meta was unfavorable, D.Va always found players picking her because of her kit. Who wouldn't want to play a tank that can fly around, blast down enemies, and wipe out an entire team with a single button? Since D.Va needed more survivability and damage to operate as a solo tank, she became even more powerful.

Her mobility makes her a guardian angel to endangered teammates. Her Defense Matrix also means she can erase nearly all damage on the field. All in all, D.Va can determine fights much more easily and rewards players for mastering her kit.

5/10 Junker Queen

Junker Queen has been a long-awaited character since 2017. It proved worth the wait because Junker Queen launched in an incredibly overpowered state. Her sustainability was ridiculous and rivaled even Roadhog. Fortunately, her kit was toned down to prevent scorched earth team fights.

While you won't get much utility if you miss your abilities, Junker Queen is so much fun. She's designed to fight up close and personal. As a frontline tank, Junker Queen becomes more threatening the longer she's alive. Practice throwing the axe and landing those swings because it means you can hold your own for even longer.

4/10 Lucio

Overwatch didn't give support heroes breathing room. Their opportunities to shine were smaller and required a lot of effort. But now, supports don't have to run from DPS heroes — they can hold their own. The support passive also lets healers take on riskier engagements.

Lucio is no exception. He can roam around choke points and get in other players' faces with few consequences. Opportunistic Lucios will be a bane for anyone trying to focus on targets. Aggressive plays are more acceptable and won't have other teammates feeling like their support is throwing.

3/10 Ana

Ana has always been a strong hero. Her kit lets her shut down flankers and dispatch threats with ease. Nothing brings greater joy to a team than an Ana landing their sleep dart on a Nano-boosted Genji. Since most tanks don't have shields, Ana is a menace.

Her biotic grenade and sleep dart can take care of enemy tanks and wrap a teamfight up in moments. A bit of aim and tracking is vital when playing Ana because her healing output rivals most supports. Otherwise, those whiffed abilities will be a dose of instant regret.

2/10 Zenyatta

If you're okay with limited mobility but want to Sparta kick flankers, Zenyatta is one of the best heroes on the roster. Zen's damage output is downright terrifying. He can erase heroes with a well-placed right click. Zen's Snap Kick has knockback, which can give you a window to orb your targets out of the game.

Zenyatta is the epitome of a glass cannon. When fights are going well, you can feel invincible as your discord orb makes minced meat of the enemy. However, getting popped like a bubble should remind you that you're fragile and need to be careful.

1/10 Kiriko

Overwatch 2 gave the support roster some overdue changes. Few supports had the necessary mobility and skill ceiling to keep players invested. Who would want to play some of the most vulnerable characters for a minimal reward? Kiriko's kit amends that by mixing Zenyatta's damage and Moira's mobility.

Kiriko can pop in and out of harm by teleporting to teammates. If you land headshots, her kunai can be devastating. When Kiriko's ultimate is active, she and her teammates turn into machine guns. The more you master her kit, the more fun you'll have as you turn the tide.

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