Overwatch 2 McDonald’s Meal Arrives Down Under, Contains Epic Tracer Skin

There’s a special deal going on at select McDonald’s in Australia right now that ties in with Overwatch 2. Order a special meal and you’ll get a cool Overwatch-themed paper bag and a code to redeem in Overwatch 2 that unlocks an Epic Tracer skin.

To take advantage of this new brand crossover, you’ll first need to be an Australian resident and order the Overwatch 2 meal via the McDonald’s Australia app. According to pictures posted to social media (with thanks to Overwatch Cavalry), hungry Overwatch players can choose between chicken or beef. Does this mean a box of chicken nuggets or a beef hamburger? Beef nuggets or a chicken sandwich? Or perhaps even more esoteric delicacies that are unique to the golden arches of down under? Perhaps we’ll never know, or maybe a kind Australian will tell us later.

Besides the fun Overwatch 2 paper bag (which displays Tracer, Lucio, and Rheinhart), customers also get a code to redeem in-game for the Lightning Epic Tracer skin. The skin has been available since the original Overwatch and can be purchased in the shop for those who can’t travel all the way to Australia to take advantage of this McDonald’s crossover. It mostly swaps Tracer’s nominally white suit for a yellow pattern that has the word “lightning” written up her left leg. It also dyes her hair blonde and cuts it shorter for improved aerodynamics.

Fans are both disappointed and relieved that the Australian promo isn’t a new skin, but Aussies that could go for some McDonald’s and also enjoy Overwatch 2 can take advantage of this promo for a limited time.

Tracer is but one of a shrinking list of heroes that don’t have some sort of game-breaking bug. Torbjorn and Bastion have already been removed for glitches that ruin games, and now Sombra has a bug that lets her teleport inside the payload to make her a nigh-invincible tank. Players are begging Blizzard to retire Sombra temporarily until they can figure out how to stop her from getting inside payloads.

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