Overwatch 2 Server Issues Caused By "Mass DDoS Attack"

Overwatch 2 is currently having quite a few server issues, leading to lengthy queue times and a host of other problems. While it may appear to be Blizzard's servers simply buckling from the high volume of players trying to log in for a game, it actually seems like a "mass DDoS attack" is at least partially to blame for the troubles.

This is according to Blizzard president Mike Ybarra (thanks VGC), who has explained that servers are struggling due to the attack and that teams at Blizzard are "working hard to mitigate/manage." Ybarra also claims that this DDoS attack is why a lot of players are currently experiencing connection issues.

"Unfortunately we are experiencing a mass DDoS attack on our servers," says Ybarra on his personal Twitter account. "Teams are working hard to mitigate/manage. This is causing a lot of drop/connection issues."

This attack is likely behind several of the game's launch issues, including reports of lengthy queue times and server disconnects. There's also the possibility that the attack could also be responsible for players not having their skins, items, and currency transferred over from the original Overwatch, as several players have been locked out of previously purchased cosmetics.

Whatever the case, it's likely that Blizzard will have the issue fixed pretty soon, but you may be better off waiting until tomorrow to finally jump into Overwatch 2 to give the devs plenty of time to fix things up.

In other Activision Blizzard related news, the company has once again come under fire regarding ongoing negotations with QA testers at Raven Software. The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has found that the company refused to offer pay increases of up to $20 an hour to Raven Software staff that were attempting to unionize at the time. The NLRB's findings have now provided a slight amount of leverage to those still in negotiations over working conditions.

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