Overwatch League Grand Final: Dallas Fuel Beats San Francisco Shock 4-3

Dallas Fuel has clinched its first ever Overwatch League Grand Final victory thanks to a 4-3 win against San Francisco Shock in a highly contested match. As part of the winnings, Dallas Fuel will take home $1 million along with the coveted trophy. Shock will get $500,000 for placing second overall.

Fuel took the first map, Lijiang Tower, relatively easily, however Kim “Proper” Dong-hyun's clinical display on King’s Row ensured round two went to San Francisco Shock. Dorado didn't look too good for Fuel, but Kim “SP9RK1E” Yeonghan stepped up and landed some major multikills to secure the win. Esperança was a particularly contested map as the teams duked it out to make it 2-2.

Shock caught Fuel by surprise in the next map, Oasis, to go up 3-2, giving Fuel a much steeper mountain to climb. But, as champions often do, Fuel rallied and took the next two maps, Route 66 and Colosseo, to secure the Overwatch League Grand Final.

This is the first Overwatch League season to be held after the launch of Overwatch 2. While the game officially launched only last month, pro players have been practicing and playing league matches on it since May – it seems Blizzard thought that the Overwatch League would be a good way to market the launch of the game.

Besides the new content that came with the sequel, pro teams also had to get used to the new five vs. five formula. Additionally, this was the first Grand Final to be held in front of a live audience since the Covid-19 lockdown.

Blizzard also took the chance to reveal the next Tank Hero coming to Overwatch 2, Ramattra. While we didn't get a look at any gameplay footage, it was revealed that Ramatta has a close relation with Zenyatta – the two are as close as brothers. The new addition will seemingly have two different forms that players can take on – Omnic form and Nemesis form. The former is a defensive form, giving Ramattra a barrier to protect his teammates; while Nemesis is an offensive form, giving him the ability to deliver powerful punches.

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