Panam Enjoys Running Over The Citizens Of Night City

When Panam jumps behind the wheel, no one in Night City is safe – not even her trusty sidekick, V. A ridiculous montage of Panam ramming into folks has recently graced the internet, proving there’s still a lot of work to be done with Cyberpunk 2077’s AI.

The short clip – posted to Reddit earlier today – opens with a shot of Panam absolutely obliterating a poor NPC just trying to cross the street. Neither V nor Panam is fazed, however, and carry on with their conversation as if there isn’t a man screaming for their life underneath their car.

Instant karma strikes V in the next scene, which shows Panam barreling through them on a motorcycle. Later on, we see Panam talking with V before revving her bike and slamming directly into our protagonist. You can check out the janky AI below:

To be fair, most AI drivers in this game are prone to a bit of hit-and-run action. CD Projekt Red is still working through a hefty list of bugs, and fixing AI pathfinding is probably somewhere on that list. Unfortunately, its latest 1.1 Update didn’t quite go as planned, creating a new game-breaking glitch and a whole lot of problems with Takemura.

Many fans are hoping to see AI improvement in the near future, as dozens of videos and memes have been posted online since the game’s launch, showing off both friends and foes succumbing to a bout of terrible pathfinding. It’s nothing that breaks the game, but it’s less than ideal to watch dozens of enemies stumble over in each in a chaotic frenzy.

And if they’re not stumbling over each other, they’re mowing down innocent people in the streets.

At any rate, Cyberpunk 2077 still needs a bit of work before it’s the game we were promised. Until then, enjoy the litany of hilarious bugs and try to avoid Takemura – right now he’s nothing but trouble.

Cyberpunk 2077’s 1.1 Update is now available, with 1.2 planned to launch in the coming weeks. Let’s hope Panam and her fellow AI drivers are a bit smarter by then.

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