Pathfinder Arena Brings Competitive Monster Slaying To Your Table

Ever want to get through all the roleplay and drama of a TTRPG and right to the monster slaying? A new board game from Paizo and Giochi Uniti will let you do just that. It’s called Pathfinder Arena, and it’s going to hit crowdfunding next year.

Pathfinder Arena is set in the Pathfinder universe’s Age of Lost Omens setting. It will see two to players take up the roles of adventurers fighting in an area. The foes are all monsters take from Pathfinder lore, but this isn’t the usual party-vs-DM scenario. The arena itself is a labyrinth, with monsters staying in one spot. It’s the players that shift the labyrinth’s landscape and move monsters to attack other players.

These attacks come in waves, with players getting to level up, acquire equipment, and learn new spells in between rounds. In that way it’s like a Pathfinder-lite experience. Only this time, combat goes until all but one player is left. The glory then goes to the victor.

At the moment that’s about all we know, although the Pathfinder Arena website claims that the game will also feature high-quality miniatures. When the crowdfunding campaign begins next year, there will supposedly be exclusive miniatures and content for higher tiers. Keep an eye on the site to find out exactly when this campaign will begin.

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