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Player reactions to Greybor as a companion in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous are mixed. Either they appreciate his candor or resent his total neutrality, but regardless of their opinion of his dialogue choices, he's often underutilized as a party member. Greybor has some skills that are useful to the party well beyond his skills as a melee fighter. Slayers have some arcane abilities and unique skills when it comes to combat that are similar to Hunters and Rangers.

Greybor is what gamers call a "glass cannon." He does a lot of damage and has some great options for party roles and useful abilities, but he's not the type of character that can take a lot of hits. The best builds for Greybor focus on making him a better melee fighter, and players have customization choices that include multi-classing, choosing an Archetype, and a unique set of Feats and various skills.

Recruiting Greybor

Recruiting Greybor into your party has other benefits besides adventuring and combat. As an advisor to the Crusade Command, he can provide alternative choices that can upgrade units and improve their damage rating. However, be prepared to spend extra gold on those options. The man is a mercenary, after all.

The protagonist has their first encounter with Greybor when investigating the Tower Estrod in Kenabras. He appears again when Drezen is retaken, but he can't be recruited yet. After speaking to Irabeth in the Command Hall, she'll mention a marauding dragon that's harassing the troops and recommend that you hire Greybor to help you find it and kill it.

Greybor is waiting in the Half-Measure Tavern, and it costs 2,500 gold for the initial job. After the dragon is defeated, he'll ask for 12,500 for a permanent contract. There's also an option to double that amount and turn him into your loyal bodyguard as well.

Complementary Companions

There are other companion characters in Pathfinder: WotR that have similar abilities. This can be extra handy if you have Greybor in your party.

  • Delamere: This companion is only available to players who have chosen the Lich Mythic Path, and she is also a Slayer. That means she has similar abilities, but her specialty is ranged damage, so these characters can cover opposite sides of the battlefield.
  • Arueshalae: A Ranger and an Espionage Expert, Arueshalae also has some shared abilities related to tracking and travel, such as Favored Terrain and Quarry. A Teamwork Feat like Seize The Moment, which allows attacks of opportunity when a companion gets a critical hit, is useful here.
  • Camelia: A Shaman in Pathfinder: WotR has unique skills related to Trickery, Stealth, and melee weapon damage, in which Greybor is also an expert. Camelia is also a melee fighter when she's not casting healing spells. Get these two a variety of Teamwork Feats, like Back To Back, so they can be more efficient when fighting together.

The Best Greybor Builds

When Greybor first joins the party, he's already advanced to level 9 as a Slayer and has a few abilities that designate him as a close-combat fighter. Hammer The Gap, Weapon Focus, and Two-Weapon Fighting are ideal for melee damage.

Pure Melee Damage

Similar to the role that a Rogue would take, focusing on using Stealth and Mobility along with building on existing dual-wielding skills.

  • Feats: Greybor already has the Power Attack ability and most of the Feats that would benefit this build use this ability as a prerequisite. Some examples include Cleave, Dreadful Carnage, and Sunder Armor.
  • Slayer Talents: Rogue Talents like Sneak Attack and Finesse Training will improve Greybor's melee damage abilities.
  • Mythic Path Skills: Unrelenting Assault and Thundering Blows.

Damage And Support

This is more like an off-tank position that allows Greybor to take the heat off his allies. Skills like Mobility and Perception are handy when flanking enemies or making attacks of opportunity.

  • Feats: Sunder Armor is also a good choice for this build because it generates threat, encouraging the target to attack Greybor instead of someone else. Bull Rush and Agile Maneuvers are essential to moving quickly from one part of the battlefield to another. Weakening Wound and Slow Reactions slow enemies down and expose vulnerabilities.
  • Slayer Talents: The Ranger talents that Slayers can access at level 2 include options for ranged damage and two-weapon combat, which are preferable for this build.
  • Mythic Path Skills: Defensive Study and Expose Vulnerability.

Slayer Archetypes

Greybor doesn't have a subclass when he first joins the party, so this is an additional, optional feature that can be utilized as a part of the build you chose. There are a total of seven different subclasses for Slayers, and the following are the best options for Greybor.

  • Deliverer: Give Greybor the benefits of a deity with this subclass, which is also ideal for those going for a pure damage build. The Deliverer gives up some Slayer Talents for extra access to Rogue talents.
  • Executioner: Greybor has to give up handy talents like Quarry, but in return, he gets some truly savage abilities like Assassinate and Focused Killer, which are better for a DPS build.
  • Spawn Slayer: Ideal for the specific module Wrath of the Righteous, as this Slayer is a specialist in the fine art of demon-slaying. Equally fitting for a damage build or a support build thanks to the increased movement bonus against the Studied Target.
  • Stygian Slayer: Also good for either build but leans towards a support role, this Archetype gives the Slayer some interesting options for Arcane power along with more Roguish options. These Slayers can take on a Shadowy Mist Form and cast Invisibility once per day along with keeping talents like Quarry.

Multi-Classing Options

Any multi-class combination that improves Greybor's damage-dealing abilities at close range is a decent choice.

  • Alchemist: Greybor has a decent Intelligence score, just high enough to take on some Alchemical skills. That means that he can brew a variety of tinctures that can be used to heal, buff, or blow things up.
  • Kineticist: Choose a subclass that uses Intelligence or Constitution for this class, which gives Greybor even more choices for dealing damage in melee combat.
  • Ranger: Give Greybor skills like Favored Terrain and extra Combat Style Feats by multiclassing him with a Ranger.
  • Rogue: Slayers have some Rogue talents anyway, and this can make Greybor even more useful with talents like Lockpick and Disarm Traps.

Prestige Classes

  • Aldori Swordlord: Greybor knows how to handle a blade and has a higher intelligence score than most, which makes him a good candidate for this Prestige Class. Skills like Deft Strike and Quick Draw will make him a better damage dealer.
  • Dragon Disciple: Greybor already has the ability to cast certain 1st level spells, so give him a few points in Arcane Knowledge, and he's eligible for this Prestige Class. Dragon Disciples take on the abilities of dragons, including fire breathing and bite attacks, against their enemies.
  • Duelist: A Greybor build that's more focused on close-range, physical damage would make a fine Duelist. Skills like Precise Strike complement his existing talents for Dodge and Mobility.

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