Pathogen-X Is An Arcade-Styled Survival Horror Inspired By Resident Evil

While you wait for Resident Evil Village, there’s no harm in going back in time to play a retro-styled survival horror inspired by the hit zombie franchise. Pathogen-X riffs on all the ’90s classics, and its vibrant, old-school aesthetic is not to be missed.

Currently in its prototype phase, the survival horror from “sodaraptor” is an indie to watch as it progresses. The current premise pits the masked Agent Hawk against zombie mutants of all shapes and sizes. You are tasked with entering the underground expanse of Delta Corp Labs in search for a vaccine. Genetically modified creatures stand between you and your goal, but don’t worry, plentiful loot and trusted RPG mechanics are on hand to help you along the way.

Pathogen-X may not add anything groundbreaking to the genre, but from what we can see, it excels in its solid gameplay. The graphics are rich with color – making the green glow of science water and blood spatters particularly eye-catching – and even Agent Hawk’s design is pleasing as a main character. Shuffle Mode is currently on offer, where enemies, item placements, and even the facility itself are all randomly-generated. In the future, the developer will include a story mode in the main game, add fixed camera angles as an option, and turn Shuffle Mode more arcade-like.

The game’s marketing is another pleasing feature that has to be noted. The developer has created a mock-up of Pathogen-X styled as PS1 cover art. This design adds to the game’s ’90s nostalgia, and its website also provides a detailed roadmap for its development. Alpha Beta Gamer praised the game’s qualities, but also added that the mutants in the prototype are a little too easy to defeat. The current build only supplies three weapons for use, but the guns’ sound design mixed with the game’s subtle, eerie score does the job.

Another indie to tug at your vintage strings is sci-fi stealth game The Chameleon. Set in an underground facility (again), this indie from Merlino Games is full of mystery, interesting mechanics, and Among Us-styled guards who won’t hesitate to end your gameplay.

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