PC Modder Turns Xbox Mini Fridge Into A Powerfully Cool RTX Rig

Those who build custom PCs will consider a number of elements and options as they plan and embark on their journey. Most of the decisions they make will revolve around their rig's internal workings. However, one PC building TikToker was just as, if not more focused on how unique their PC would look from the outside, packing everything they needed to get it running just the way they wanted into an Xbox mini fridge.

The fun, innovative, and actually pretty practical project comes courtesy of Arkitechnology (via PCGamesN). Just to be clear, this isn't one of the full-sized fridges Xbox made as a joke (and gave one to Snoop Dogg). It's the Series X mini version Xbox made after the meme-based big one proved to be such a hit, and Arkitechnology has managed to pack an awful lot inside of one.

Usually a rig of this size would house some pretty standard equipment. However, Arkitechnology's contains an MSI GeForce RTX 3090 and a 750W power supply. Incredibly impressive, but it's not perfect. While almost everything fits inside of the fridge, there was no room left over for the AIO cooler which hangs out the back. You'll also need to find somewhere else to store your limited edition Halo-branded cans of Rockstar energy drink.

This isn't the first unconventional case Arkitechnology has used to house their PC, but it might be the best and most logical so far. Their GPU previously lived inside a desk drawer. Not just sitting in a drawer waiting for its owner to think of the fridge idea, but actually functioning from inside a drawer. That actually sounds pretty handy. The TikToker is already thinking of where to move it next too, with someone suggesting the GPU reside inside their walls. That sounds a little too much like the premise for a Goosebumps book.

Fellow PC builder Henry Cavill might want to take a few notes from Arkitechnology's Xbox fridge build. The Witcher star shared an update on his own rig this week, revealing he needed to add more fans after his AIO cooler gave up on him.

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