Persona 5 Royal: 10 Mistakes Players Make That Cost Them The True Ending (And How To Avoid Them)

Persona 5 Royal is the definitive edition of 2017’s massively successful Japanese role-playing game. The original release was filled to the brim with content, and Royal only expands upon the game’s offerings. Persona 5 Royal is a behemoth with over 100 hours of content.

With a new semester, characters, and unique ending for players to enjoy, there is plenty to explore. Those new to Persona 5 Royal may find it challenging to keep everything straight. With the best ending locked behind several prerequisites, rookies could run through an entire playthrough without seeing all the game has to offer.

Stalling Palace Completion

One of the earliest mistakes players make is procrastination in the game’s main dungeons. While waiting as long as possible may seem like a good idea, it can prevent Joker from focusing on outside tasks like Confidants and stat boosts.

Aiming to finish the palaces as soon as possible will ensure that the Phantom Thieves can tackle other objectives necessary to unlocking the true ending with time to spare.

Putting off Confidant Progression

One of the key aspects to unlocking the true ending of Persona 5 Royal is hitting a specific rank with several of the Confidants in the game. The three Confidants Arcanas integral to accessing the new content included in Royal are

  • Councillor
  • Justice
  • Faith

These may be the only characters that impact the true ending, but focusing on all links will grant Joker access to new skills, Personas, and passive abilities. Each of these will make progressing through the Palaces quickly far easier.

Not Boosting Maruki’s Rank to 9 By 11/18

The first of the new Confidants introduced in the definitive edition of Persona 5 is Takuto Maruki. After the events of the first palace, Shujin Academy hires this doctor to provide counseling sessions for the students. This includes Joker and his allies.

Rank 1 will unlock automatically on 5/13 as a part of the main story, but the rest is up to players. Dr. Maruki is often available after school for Joker to visit and bond with. With a little over five months to hit rank 9, those who complete palaces in a reasonable amount of time can hit this milestone easily. Keep in mind that ranks 6 and up are locked until September 20.

Selling Out the Phantom Thieves to Sae on 11/20

The flashback the Joker has been reliving since the game’s beginning concludes on 11/20 in-game. At this point, Prosecutor Nijima will prod Joker for information about his fellow Phantom Thieves. Tell her nothing.

Giving Sae information on them will automatically trigger one of the game’s bad endings, concluding the story. Instead, withhold information from her and stay loyal to your companions. This will pay off, as Joker’s story will continue, pressing him one step further to the game’s true ending.

Getting Sidetracked

There is a multitude of activities that Joker can get lost in throughout the game. Playing video games, working out, and fishing are just some of the pass times that players can partake in. These may seem tempting, but put palace completion, Confidant progression, and stat improvement above these activities.

If Confidants are not available, invest in activities that will boost social stats significantly like a part-time job at the flower shop, watching movies, or reading one of the game’s many books.

Ignoring Social Stats

One of the most important tasks for Joker outside of finishing the palaces is boosting his social stats. Many of the game’s Confidants have levels that require that these personality traits be boosted via in-game activities.

Those who complete the dungeons quickly will have days if not weeks to hone their social status. Need a boost to your Knowledge? Have a study session at Leblanc in the evening. Want to up your Charm? Head to the Sauna on a rainy day. Those who invest in these early on will find progression much easier.

Failing to Hit Rank 9 With Akechi by 11/24

The next mandatory Confidant in the game is Goro Akechi, holder of the Justice Arcana. Unlike in Persona 5’s base game, Akechi’s bond isn’t automatic. After the initial unlock on 6/10, Joker will need to spend time with this ace detective of his own volition. Keep in mind that this Confidant will require the following social stats in his link:

  • Rank 3 Charm-Rank 3
  • Rank 4 Knowledge-Rank 7

Those aiming to get the true ending need to hit rank 8 with Akechi before or on 11/24. His social link is essential to experiencing the game’s third semester. Akechi will often text Joker when he is available for a bonding session, accept these invitations whenever they are offered.

Missing Rank 5 Progression With Kasumi by 12/18

The final Confidant that requires Joker’s attention is Kasumi Yoshizawa. This gymnast’s Faith Arcana is different from the previous entries, as she only has five ranks to progress through within a given deadline. Her first rank is automatic and unlocks on 5/30. Joker will have about half a year to intermittently check up on his junior student. Kasumi’s ranks are a bit sporadic and have gaps in between availability. The dates correspond with the day that Joker can continue bonding with Kasumi.

  • 6/8-Rank 2
  • 6/29-Rank 3
  • 7/31-Rank 4
  • 8/7-Rank 5

Accepting Igor’s Proposal on 12/24

Players may have turned down Sae Nijima’s proposal to betray fellow Phantom Thieves, but more temptations will present themselves. On 12/24, Igor will ask Joker to accept the way the world is. Siding with Igor will lead Joker to submit to a world where the masses are controlled.

This will instantly end the game with yet another bad ending. To avoid falling into this trap, simply refuse the offer presented to Joker, and defeat the owner of the Velvet Room.

Accepting Maruki’s Offer on Either 1/9 or 2/2

Once players have successfully navigated to the third and final semester of the game, they are presented with one final offer. Doctor Maruki will ask Joker to accept his plan for both the Metaverse and the world. He will give Joker the option to join him on both 1/9 and 2/2.

Should Joker accept his proposal, players are given another “bad” ending where the Phantom Thieves experience their ideal futures. This may not seem so sinister, but reaching this point in the story will make it all come together. Turn Maruki down, and be ready for a confrontation.

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