Persona 5 Strikers: Guide To Performing Technical Attacks

When it comes to Persona 5 Strikers, a lot of the battle mechanics are the same as older titles, despite it changing from the usual turn-based battle of the Persona series, to a more action-RPG style battle system. Elemental weaknesses are still very much a thing, as are Critical and Technical attacks.

When it comes to Technical attacks, there are set combos that you have to follow to successfully pull them off. If you’re looking to score some extra damage in battle, we’ve got all the information you need to know about every combination to score a Techincal hit.

What is a Technical Attack?

Technical attacks are battle mechanics that are essentially combo attacks that result in extra damage being dealt. You will get a Technical hit if you strike an enemy with a certain type of attack while it is already afflicted with a certain status ailment. Phantom Dash moves from items in the environment count towards Technical attacks; some items can inflict status ailments, while others will offer up a physical attack to follow-up with.

Technical attacks feature in various Persona games, but they don’t always follow the same rules. The Technical combinations for Strikers are based on those of Persona 5, therefore the additions made to Persona 5 Royal, such as when an enemy is inflicted with Forget, will not work in Strikers.

Technical Attack Combinations

When an enemy is afflicted with one of the following status ailments, players should follow up with one of the listed attacks to get a Technical hit.

  • Burn — Nuclear or Wind attack
  • Shock — Nuclear, Physical, or Gun attack
  • Freeze — Nuclear, Physical, or Gun attack
  • Dizzy — Any attack
  • Sleep — Any attack
  • Forget — none
  • Confuse — Psychic attack
  • Rage — Psychic attack
  • Brainwash — Psychic attack

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