Persona 5 Strikers: How To Beat The Osaka Jail Lock Keeper

Infiltrating Jails and taking down their Monarchs is one of the main goals of the Phantom Thieves in Persona 5 Strikers, but before you can even take on the big boss of each Jail, you have to defeat a different boss first — the Lock Keeper.

These guys aren’t found in the Jail itself but in a separate trauma room. They can prove to be a bit of a challenge as their battle arenas don’t offer any environmental items that you can use for Phantom Dash moves and they hit pretty hard. The Bazooka Lock Keeper is no different, but we’ve got everything you need to know about how to beat this guy right here.

Bazooka Lock Keeper

Affinities And Weaknesses:

  • Physical —
  • Gun —
  • Fire — 
  • Ice — 
  • Electric — Weak
  • Wind —
  • Psy — 
  • Nuclear — Weak
  • Bless — Weak
  • Curse — Weak

First thing’s first, make sure you have a decent stock of medicine on hand, especially HP and SP recovery items and a few revives, just in case. Next, you’ll want to prepare your party by picking the most efficient team members. Take Skull, Queen, and Sophie with you, as their elements will hit the Lock Keeper’s weakness. Sophie can also double-up as your healer.

Make sure that Joker has some appropriate Personas equipped that are Electric, Nuclear, Bless, and Curse-based, and a healing Persona is always helpful too so that you can help your teammates out if things get tough.

At the start of the battle, be sure to buff your party and then debuff the enemy if possible. Concentrate on hitting the Lock Keeper’s weaknesses, and if you manage to inflict a status ailment such as shock, be sure to follow it up with a Nuclear, Gun, or Physical attack to get a Technical hit. Deplete its down gauge and use All-Out Attack whenever possible.

The Bazooka Lock Keeper will use a mixture of Gun, Almighty, and Ice-based attacks, as well as an Electric-based Gun attack called Zio Bullet, so avoid using Personas who are weak to these with Joker. It will also summon adds during the battle, complicating things a little bit more.

Make sure you’re using Baton Pass to switch between characters and increase the rate at which your Show Time gauge fills. Use Show Time whenever it pops up and make sure Joker has a Persona that the Lock Keeper is weak to when you use it with him.

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