Persona 5 Strikers: Where To Find All Mariko Hyodo Rumors

When it comes to Persona 5 Strikers, one of the stops on the Phantom Thieves’ journey is the city of Sapporo. After taking in some much-needed relaxation time at the bathhouse, the thieves take to the streets to hunt for intel about Mariko Hyodo.

Once again you’re on the lookout for anywhere that you can uncover dirt on Mariko, but filling your rumor bar to 100% isn’t always the easiest thing to do as some of the NPCs are easily missed. Fear not, we’ve got every rumor location covered right here so you can continue your investigation in no time.

Glassy-Eyed Man

You’ll start your search in North Suzushino and you can find all rumors on this one map. Head up the street from where you start and you’ll soon see a crowd on your left. Examine the crowd to listen in to what the Glassy-Eyed Man is saying and raise your rumor bar to 34%.


Continue up the street and take a right. Yuusuke is here just near the vending machine, and although he doesn’t have any rumor information for you, be sure to speak to him to get a free Primordial Soup item.

Gaunt Businessman

Just across the road from Yusuke is the pharmacy with a Gaunt Businessman stood right outside. Speak to this guy to get more information on Mariko. This will increase your rumor bar to 74%.

Political Old Man

Head east from where Yusuke and the Gaunt Businessman were, to the street where Ryuji is located. Just over the road from Ryuji is a Political Old Man. Speaking to him will raise your rumor bar to 100% and finally complete your investigation.

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