Phishing Sites Steal $6 Million From Bored Ape NFT Fans

Bored Apes seem to be making the news for all the wrong reasons recently. Earlier in the week, there was a huge hack, with $13 million in NFTs and crypto stolen. This was the second scandal of the month, with the first centring around a Discord hack that tricked users into sending crypto to scammers for fake NFTs.

Now, it's being reported that it's happened again. Scammers pretending to represent the new Bored Apes project, Otherside, are tricking would-be investors into parting with crypto for nothing in return. The initial report estimates that the phishing scheme has made $6.2 million so far, with one wallet alone making off with one million.

As reported by web3 is going just great, the wallets that are suspected to be involved in the phishing scheme were identified in the early hours of this morning. Unfortunately, most of the tweets that explained the scheme cannot be seen anymore as the user that made it public has had their account restricted. Others in the replies claim that this is also the scammers' doing.

In the crypto scene at large, it's not just the Bored Ape community that's found themselves the victim of scammers recently. Earlier in April, $600 million was taken from Axie Infinity players in a security breach. Lazarus Group, a prolific North Korean hacker group, was named as the perpetrator in this instance. The company that powers Axie Infinity, Ronin Network, has been left to foot the bill and compensate affected players, and it's highly unlikely that the FBI will have much success getting the stolen crypto back itself, given the group's skill and anonymity.

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