Player Re-Creates Skyrim Riverwood Blacksmith In Valheim

“I have to fix another saw blade for Gerdur’s mill.” Alvor, you’re in luck – Reddit user BrokoThiefOfCrowns has re-created the humble, Stormcloak traitor’s blacksmith in the massively successful indie game Valheim, but as of now, it’s the only part of Riverwood standing in this Zelda-like survival game. So, no mill to fix!

Given that Valheim was inspired by Skyrim, it was only a matter of time before players began to tire away at chopping down trees en masse so that they could bring a little slice of snowy Nordic heaven to life – or, I suppose it’d be a slice of Sovngarde. The poster behind this Riverwood rendition has stated that they “might build all of Riverwood,” but why stop there?

TearOfTheStar pointed out, “I can see someone rebuilding all of Skyrim [in] several years… Valheim is perfect for that.” After all, Minecraft fans built every hold of Skyrim, and with creative games that let players build whatever comes to mind, it’s only a waiting game before entire regions from other games sprawl onto Valheim’s canvas, whether that’s a Zelda town or the whole region of Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow.

Still, it’s an impressive re-creation, nailing that humble, somber aesthetic. Helgen may have been the introduction into the world of Skyrim, but it was Riverwood that let players in on the magic of the Elder Scrolls world. That being said, while you could re-create that wonderful town in Valheim, it wouldn’t be complete without the love triangle spat or the old woman screaming “Dragon, dragon! I saw a dragon.”

No pictures were shared of the interior, unfortunately, but the workbench is slotted in the same space as in the game, and the firey pit used to actually smith is blazing away, so much so that it’s a surprise the entire home hasn’t crumbled into debris and ash. They even managed to bring the cobbled stone road with its pocks and imperfections into Valheim, so it’ll be interesting to see if they go a step further and bring forth Delphine’s inn or the two walls that makeup Riverwood’s “defenses.”

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