Playing The Monster Hunter Rise Demo Will Give You Free Items In The Full Game

Playing the Monster Hunter Rise Demo will net you some additional items in the full game, as it will check if you have any save data from the demo when you start the game.

The Monster Hunter Rise demo launched on January 8, giving fans their first taste of the latest entry in the series. The demo has two single-player tutorials, which teach the player about Palamute mounts, the Wirebug mechanic, and how to ride Wyvern-class monsters. The demo also has two regular hunts, which can be taken on with friends or strangers. Just be wary of an issue with the demo that causes slowdown if you have a full friend list.

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It doesn’t take long to experience everything that the Monster Hunter Rise demo has to offer, but it will give you free items in the full version of the game. According to Capcom, the player will receive twenty Great Potions, ten Energy Drinks, five Mega Armorskins, five Mega Demondrugs, and five Pitfall traps.

The ability to receive these items is tied to save data from the demo. If you delete the demo’s save data, then you won’t be able to claim the items. The Monster Hunter Rise demo is only available until February 1, which means that you have a limited window of time to acquire the save file. You also only have thirty attempts at completing the quests in the demo, but this should be more than enough to experience everything it has to offer.

The demos for the Monster Hunter games on the 3DS offered similar bonuses for moving over to the main game, and they were always useful during the first few hours of play. It can take a while to unlock all of the facilities you need to craft the best items in the Monster Hunter games, so having these extra potions and traps to hand will be extremely helpful at the start of the game.

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Monster Hunter Rise will be released for Nintendo Switch on March 26, 2021.

Source: Capcom

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