PlayStation Network Leaks Unannounced Star Wars Game "Project Maverick"

A subtle transmission has been received from the outer reaches of social media. A Twitter bot by the name of PSN Releases has seemingly unveiled an upcoming Star Wars title, coined “Project Maverick,” which may well be an experience unaccustomed to long-time Star Wars gamers. While the uploaded poster doesn’t give too much insight on the game’s core structure, it’s clear that X-Wings, flight simulation, and even space combat could be the running themes of this forthcoming title.

Could it be an all-new Star Wars game akin to the beloved Starfighter, released in 2001?

It’s true that EA hasn’t handled their Star Wars exclusivity agreement all too keenly. Since being signed all the way back in 2013 with Disney, the deal has seemingly only brought to life two poorly-received Battlefront entries, one of which even secured EA’s standing among the greediest publishers of all time, and a single-player experience long-sought-after. Luckily for EA, Jedi: Fallen Order allowed the publisher some much-needed good graces following the disastrous release of Battlefront II and no Battlefront 3 on the near-horizon – which might be a good thing, after all.

Still, with a recorded three varied Star Wars titles canceled by EA in the span of 7 years, in addition to the various developing sites shut down, it’s obvious the publisher’s stock portfolio is far more concerning to them than the turn-around of an expert IP. On the other hand, Project Maverick may well be the publisher’s saving grace and proves EA is at least attempting to shape up to the criticisms lodged against it for years. Little is known about the upcoming video game, aside from the fact that it resides in development with the Fallen Order sequel and is helmed by Montreal-based EA Motive.

Project Maverick has already amassed an ample amount of anticipation from both Star Wars fans and hardcore gamers alike. The title simply rolls off the tongue, and if it has any special merit or meaning to it at all, there’s really only one reference to glean: Top Gun. Added to the minimal words spoken of it by Kotaku’s Jason Schrier, “smaller, more unusual project,” Maverick only alludes to something special and far more meaningful than any Fallen Order or Battlefront could ever emulate.

While it may only attract a small subset of Star Wars gamers, it’s still a welcome addition to the poorly-helmed IP under EA. Let’s just hope it’s less than a light-speed jump away.

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