Pokemon Fans Are Confused About Koraidon’s Wheels

Pokemon fans are a little confused about Koraidon and its use of wheels.

Earlier this week, The Pokemon Company gave us our first proper look at Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, revealing all of the big new gameplay mechanics coming to the game, the name of the region, and even showing us a few new Pokemon, such as Fidough.

One of the big reveals was that the Legendaries, Koriadon and Miraidon, appear at the start of the game for the first time and are actually used as transport, which makes sense considering they both look like motorcycles. Despite this, a lot of fans are confused about Koraidon's use of its wheels, as it seems to run on all fours instead of using the two massive wheels that it has attached to its body.

In every shot of the player using Koraidon to get around, the Pokemon is seen running along instead of using its wheels. It even chooses to swim in water rather than gliding along the top like Miraidon does. This led to Twitter user UltimaShadowX jokingly asking why Koraidon even has wheels if it isn't able to use them, leading to the Tweet quickly going viral and everyone discussing what Koraidon's deal is.

To make matters even more confusing, a new piece of key art released for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet shows both Koraidon and Miraidon flying into the air with their legs up, as if they've both just used their wheels to go up a ramp. This would seem to imply that the Pokemon can use its wheels and just chooses not to, although this hasn't been confirmed just yet.

Despite the trailer not drawing any attention to the fact that Koraidon doesn't use its wheels, some Pokemon fans think that it has to do with the fact that he seems to be representing the past. One Twitter user theorised that Koraidon's wheels can't actually move yet and that it would eventually evolve and adapt into something more like Miraidon, with moveable wheels.

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