Pokemon Fans Are Split On Whether Or Not There’s A Bug-Type Legendary

Legendary Pokemon are meant to be the best of the best. And hell, even if they’re not, they’re at least meant to look cool in your party, and hype you up to progress through the story long enough to catch them. Due to this, it’s unsurprising that many of them get the “cool” Pokemon types, like Dragon, Psychic and Flying. If, for some reason, you were roleplaying as a bug catcher trainer, you were out of luck for a while if you wanted one of these beasts on your team.

Justice for the bugs was meant to have prevailed with the release of Pokemon Black and White, as this added Genesect to the roster. This dual type Bug/Steel Pokemon was available through an event, and was meant to give the low level NPC trainers the love they deserve.

However, as Reddit user u/djdisciplejosh brings up on r/pokemon, Genesect is actually a Mythical Pokemon, not a Legendary.

While Mythical and Legendary Pokemon are often lumped together, they are technically different classes of Pokemon. So if you’re splitting hairs, then yes, we are still in fact waiting for a Bug-type Legendary Pokemon.

Who does that leave us with? Well, if you’re one to class the Ultra Beasts as Legendaries, you’re fine, as there are two Bug-types there. Unfortunately, Bulbapedia won’t back you up here, stating that Ultra Beasts are separate from Legendaires, despite sharing similar characteristics. According to OPs strict adherence to the lore, this also rules out the Bug-type forms of the Mythical Arceus and Legendary Silvally. The latter may be following the rules too closely however, as having your Silvally hold the item Bug Memory does in fact change its type to Bug.

Fellow Pokemon fans remain unconvinced by the argument put forward, claiming that Mythicals and Legendaries are one and the same. And in their defence, hardly anyone distinguishes the two. But if you break it down to its most precise, then yes, Pokemon is on a technical level still not representing the Bug-types. Do with this information what you will.

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