Pokémon GO: All The Field Research Tasks That Give You Mega Energy

The new Mega Evolutions added to Pokémon GO can give your Pokémon an incredible power boost, but in order to do so you’ll need a lot of Mega Energy. This resource can only be obtained in certain ways like event-exclusive Field Research Tasks. Here’s the tasks you’ll want to take on.

While Mega Evolutions have existed in Pokémon for a while, they have only just recently been added to Pokémon GO. These powerful bonus, yet temporary, evolutions can give specific Pokémon an insane buff for difficult battles. These mega evolutions are not free, though, and require you to spend a new resource called Mega Energy which can be obtained in a few specific ways. The easiest way to get your hands on some Mega Energy lies in completing event-exclusive Field Research Tasks. Here’s all the research tasks that reward you with Mega Energy.

Field Research Tasks That Give You Mega Energy

These research tasks were introduced as part of the Mega Battle Event and may only be available until Thursday September 17, so make sure to take on as many as you can before that date to collect as much Mega Energy as possible.

There are four Field Research Tasks you can complete during the event that can give you Mega Energy for either Beedrill, Venusaur, Charizard, or Blastoise.

  1. Defeat a Team GO Rocket Grunt – 10 Beedrill Mega Energy
  2. Mega Evolve a Beedrill – 20 Beedrill Mega Energy
  3. Battle another trainer – Either five Venusaur Mega Energy, five Charizard Mega Energy, or five Blastoise Mega Energy.
  4. Catch five Bug-type Pokémon – Five Beedrill Mega Energy

These tasks are much more common than some of the previous Field Research Tasks, making the process of gathering Mega Energy a little easier. This, coupled with the tweaks done at the beginning of the month that lowered the total amount of Mega Energy required to Mega Evolve a Pokémon, will help players actually be able to utilize this new system a little more frequently.

This week of Mega Evolution bonuses end on September 17, and then the final Mega Evolution themed event will begin on September 22 and run through the 28 and will be a Buddy-focused Mega Evolution event. While we don’t know the details of that event just yet, it is likely to be another great opportunity to stock up on more Mega Energy.

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