Pokemon GO and Starbucks Team Up In Asia

A new sweet collaboration is coming between two perfect things: Pokemon GO and Starbucks.

Announced this week in select Asian markets, the drink tycoon’s various locations will be turning into both PokéStops and Gyms . Trainers on the go can now play the game while enjoying their favorite beverages and snacks.

This new partnership will be taking place in Hong Kong, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand. No news yet on whether this could become a reality in North America. Since the beginning of the pandemic , Pokemon GO has reinvented itself to keep up with the need for social distancing and players not venturing too far from home. The increased range has certainly help those continue their Pokemon adventure while staying safe at the same time.

Here’s what Starbucks’ Asia Pacific VP of Marketing and Product had to say during the announcement. “Starbucks is excited to offer our customers in Asia more ways to connect with the world of Pokémon GO, and for Pokémon GO trainers to enjoy the premium Starbucks Experience on their adventures.” She also commented that Starbucks and Pokemon GO have become important places for players to come together.

It’s a neat concept that will alow those in communities still not allowing indoor dining to keep up with the game when picking up takeout. Pokemon GO also encourages people to get exercise and if that leads to Starbucks, another plus. The game has surpassed 1 billion downloads since launch and doesn’t seem to be slowing down. If anything COVID-19 has brought new players into the craze of catching Pokemon from home.

The current changes mentioned earlier in this article to the game will hopefully stick around for a while as we head into 2021. Players should also not forget that Galarian Mr.Mime is also headed to the game.

One important thing to note is that both Pokemon GO and Starbucks remind players to maintain their distance when at locations and follow all local health and safety guidelines. So while you are out and about at least in Asia enjoying the new Gym and Pokestop locations, remember that COVID is still out there while catching your favorite Pokemon.

For players not in Asia, don’t worry. Pokemon GO has a holiday event coming soon for all to enjoy.

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