Pokémon GO Dataminers Discover Unannounced Safari Zones, Deerling Forms, And New Quests

The latest Pokémon GO data mines reveal new Safari Zones, new forms for Deerling, and even a few new quests.

We’ve got some news from the Pokémon GO data miners PokéMiners, that white-hat game hacking group that works tirelessly to bring us the latest and greatest intel on what might be coming to Pokémon GO. As always, the info produced is subject to change as none of it has been confirmed by Niantic as of yet.

The latest update is provided in a convenient infographic form posted on the r/TheSilphRoad subreddit, your one-stop shop for both Pokémon GO data mines and memes.

First, the miners found listings for 6 different Safari Zones, including Gayang, South Korea; Liverpool, England; Monterrey, Mexico; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; St. Louis, Missouri; and Seville, Spain. Niantic has already announced Safari Zones for Liverpool, Philly, and St. Louis, so Gayang, Monterrey, and Seville are likely to get announced later this year.

Next up, we have Deerling and its evolved form, Sawsbuck. It looks like Niantic is planning to give these two Pokémon their seasonal forms just as they were in Black & White, which means that the way Deerling and Sawsbuck look will change based on the season. Since its currently winter, Sawsbuck will have a winter coat and bare antlers while Deerling will have a lighter shade of fur. If Deerling and Sawsbuck are released in the spring, then Sawsbuck will have flower buds on its antlers while Deerling will have a pinkish hue.

Third, we’ve got mention of new quests. There are a few lines of code that seem to refer to a new special event quest which will require trainers to catch a number of Pokémon, although they don’t mention what quest or what Pokémon. There are also lines for Team Go Rocket Quest 5 – The Shadowy Threat Grows, which will be the latest entry into that special research quest and is expected to drop next month.

PokéMiners’ infographic also shows something about daily research quests for Pokécoins, which will give players a new way to earn in-game currency, as well as a Best Buddy Badge. No idea what that might be, but this is the second mention in as many months, so Niantic must be getting close to implementing it.

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