Pokémon GO’s March Events Are All-In On Raids

It’s finally March, and that means Raids, Raids, and more Raids in Pokémon GO, according to official news. Players can look forward to catching new and returning legendary Pokémon such as Darkrai from March 6th to 9th, Altered Form Giratina from March 13th to 16th, Cobalion from the 20th to 23rd, and Lugia from the 27th until the 30th. As before, any of these Pokémon have a chance to be shiny.

Pokémon can be caught in Raids, which require a big group to take down, so players would be wise to join up with friends or find groups online, such as the Pokémon GO Facebook and Discord groups.

The hardest 5-star raids will be throwing Thundurus, the bolt strike Pokémon, at players beginning March 2nd at 1:00 PM. Thundurus is an electric/flying type, so bring along your Pokémon that know ice and rock type attacks, get a big group ready, and throw down at your nearest gyms.

Next up is taking down Giovanni once again with the newest Shadow Pokémon, Entei. Players who have taken down enough Team Rocket goons to unlock the latest research will have access to a limited time mission to defeat Team Rocket’s leader and save Entei until the end of March.

There’s also a special “Team Rocket takeover” from March 6th to March 9th that comes with a possible shiny Skorupi, Absol, and dark Pokémon appearing more frequently in the wild. On March 7th, Team Rocket will be much more active in general. Players can find Team Rocket at any Pokéstop, and will obtain a radar to find Giovanni once enough members have been defeated.

A Research Breakthrough is available for the entire month for fans of the Pokémon Ferroseed, lasting until April 1st. Ferroseed will come with bonus stardust, and its evolved form, Ferrothorn, will be a great asset to any trainer’s team.

The Pokémon GO team reports that a “mysterious weekend” is coming on the 20th with 2x bonus Stardust, Raid battles with Bug Pokémon, Karrablast and Shelmet hatching from 5km eggs, and Normal, Fire, Water, Electric,and Ice Type Pokémon appearing more often.

Once all that is over, the 27th through the end of March will feature a special Psychic event. This event will feature more Psychic Pokémon in the wild and hatching from eggs with a chance to win a shiny Baltoy. Phew!

There’s also a mystery hour happening on Tuesdays in March at 6:00 for increased spawn rates, and Thursdays at 6pm (local time) for bonus candy, Stardust, and EXP. That’s a whole lot of Pokémon GO for the month of March, so get off that couch and start catching.

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