Pokemon Go’s Zorua Encounters Have Been Pulled From Shuppet’s Spotlight Hour

Niantic revealed it would be celebrating Halloween in Pokemon Go in a pretty special way this week. By debuting Zorua, and its evolved form Zoroark, in the mobile game. Today's the day Zorua was supposed to make its big debut during Shuppet's Spotlight Hour, but that plan has gone awry and at the time of typing this, the new addition has been temporarily pulled from Pokemon Go.

Due to the time difference around the world, Shuppet's spotlight hours have already happened in certain regions like Australia and New Zealand. That led to multiple reports of the Zorua trainers have been catching keeping the stats, height, weight, and even the moves of the Pokemon it was masquerading as when it appeared on the map.

“The Zorua surprise that occurred in time zones including and prior to GMT+13 will not occur in time zones after while we fix this. Shuppet Spotlight Hour will still occur,” Niantic revealed in a series of tweets addressing the issue. “Zorua already caught by Trainers will not be able to be Traded, sent to Pokemon HOME, or allowed in GO Battle League until this issue is resolved.” So no hitting up your buddies down under to try and get what will be a rather unique Zorua.

It's a shame Zorua's Pokemon Go debut hasn't gone to plan as the idea was a pretty great one. In order to make Zorua appear, trainers needed to make sure their buddy Pokemon was with them on the map. That Pokemon would then start popping up and transform into Zorua when engaged. However, when caught, it has been keeping the stats and moves of the buddy Pokemon.

Hopefully, the issue will be fixed before it's too late and Zorua will show up in spotlight hours for other regions later today. Plus, Niantic will presumably have to make up for it for those who missed out. If that's you, don't despair, as this year's Halloween celebrations also include Mega Banette and two new shinies.

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