Pokemon Unite: Anniversary Cake Challenge Guide

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Pokemon Unite is celebrating its first anniversary since its initial launch – offering you several new events and rewards as part of the celebration. Amongst these new celebratory features, the Anniversary Cake Challenge event will be available to you; remaining active until September 1, 2022.

While the Anniversary Cake Challenge event is active, you will have the opportunity to earn Frosting. You can obtain Frosting, this event's specific currency, through a few different methods; each adding to your overall cumulative total. Use the following information to efficiently unlock and redeem several in-game rewards, including various in-game currency, Pokemon Holowear, and Unite Licenses.

How To Earn Frosting

There are three different ways that you can earn Frosting during this event; each adding to your overall total. There are many rewards being offered for this event, so it is important that you earn Frosting via the following methods when possible, if you wish to obtain everything possible.

Daily Missions

There are Daily Anniversary Missions that can be completed during the event window. There will be four missions available on a daily basis, replaced upon each daily reset. Each day, there will be three standard missions offered, providing you with 30 Frosting, 20 Aeos Tickets, and two Item Enhancers each upon completion. Examples of these missions include:

  • Knock out Drednaw a total of one time
  • Win one battle
  • Pick up three Sitrus Berries

Additionally, there will be one Special Mission, rewarding you with 50 Frosting and a 1-Day Aeos Coin Boost Card. All four of these Daily Missions you are required to complete are relatively quick and simple tasks, so make sure to log in and complete them, earning you Frosting with ease.

Ranked Match Missions

You can also complete Ranked Match Missions as an efficient method to acquire Frosting. Each week, you can participate in Ranked Matches, providing you with 50 Frosting upon completing each one. This can be done up to 10 times per week, allowing you to earn up to 500 Frosting weekly, solely from these missions. This proves to be an extremely effective way to acquire Frosting; only requiring you to participate in Ranked Matches, regardless of whether you win or lose.

Anniversary Presents

Additionally, each day you can open one Anniversary Present Box. These boxes will provide you with a random amount of Frosting, adding to your overall total. Additionally, upon selecting and opening one of these Present Boxes, you may receive a Bonus Chance; allowing you to open a second Present that day. Make sure to log in daily and claim this, as it is an easy way to earn Frosting with little to no effort.

Anniversary Cake Challenge Rewards

There are over 60 rewards being offered for the Anniversary Cake Challenge. You can obtain each of these rewards by earning Frosting through the various methods mentioned previously; earning a new reward each time 100 Frosting is accumulated.

When obtaining specific amounts of Frosting, you will add a layer to your cake for this event; working toward building an entire cake by the end of the event. These, in addition to each event reward, are provided below, as well as the amount of Frosting needed to unlock each one.

You do not have to spend your Frosting to obtain each of these rewards. Once you have reached the desired total for a particular item, you can redeem it without taking any Frosting away from your overall total.

Anniversary Cake Challenge Rewards
RewardFrosting Required
1st Anniversary Celebration Sticker1
100 Aeos Tickets100
New layer of cake200
100 Aeos Tickets300
10 Item Enhancers400
100 Aeos Tickets500
Energy Boost Tank600
10 Item Enhancers700
100 Aeos Tickets800
10 Item Enhancers900
3-Day Aeos Coin Boost Card1,000
10 Item Enhancers1,100
100 Aeos Tickets1,200
10 Item Enhancers1,300
7-Day Limited License: Crustle1,400
Tuxedo Style: Crustle1,500
100 Aeos Tickets1,600
10 Item Enhancers1,700
100 Aeos Tickets1,800
7-Day Battle Point Boost Card1,900
New layer of cake2,000
100 Aeos Tickets2,100
10 Item Enhancers2,200
100 Aeos Tickets2,300
10 Item Enhancers2,400
Energy Boost Tank (4x Speed)2,500
10 Item Enhancers2,600
100 Aeos Tickets2,700
10 Item Enhancers2,800
7-Day Aeos Coin Boost Card2,900
New layer of cake3,000
100 Aeos Tickets3,100
10 Item Enhancers3,200
100 Aeos Tickets3,300
10 Item Enhancers3,400
Extra-Energy Tank3,500
10 Item Enhancers3,600
100 Aeos Tickets3,700
10 Item Enhancers3,800
7-Day Limited License: Cramorant3,900
Tuxedo Style: Cramorant4,000
100 Aeos Tickets4,100
10 Item Enhancers4,200
100 Aeos Tickets4,300
10 Item Enhancers4,400
100 Aeos Tickets4,500
10 Item Enhancers4,600
100 Aeos Tickets4,700
10 Item Enhancers4,800
100 Aeos Tickets4,900
10 Item Enhancers5,000
100 Aeos Tickets5,100
10 Item Enhancers5,200
100 Aeos Tickets5,300
10 Item Enhancers5,400
100 Aeos Tickets5,500
10 Item Enhancers5,600
100 Aeos Tickets5,700
10 Item Enhancers5,800
100 Aeos Tickets5,900
10 Item Enhancers6,000

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