Pokemon Unite: Best Held Items For Supporting

Ever since its release in 2021, Pokemon Unite has had MOBA fans foaming at the mouth. Pokemon has long been missing a difficulty setting, and Unite really gives fans a chance to level up their strategic minds along with their Pokemon.

At the end of the day it doesn't matter how strong an individual Pokemon is. If you cannot build the Pokemon properly, you will see diminishing returns on the battlefield. Check out this list so that you can keep up with the meta on how best to build support Pokemon.

11 Assault Vest

The Assault Vest is a great secondary item for Pokemon that have a lot of health. When a Pokémon is not in combat for eight seconds, they get a 15 percent maximum HP shield that cancels out Sp. Atk damage. Additionally, it increases HP by 270 and Sp. Def by 42. This item is good as a secondary item because by itself it will not be game-changing, but paired with any of the other shield generators on this list, it can turn a Pokemon into an unstoppable wall.

As stated above, Assault Vest shows its usefulness when paired with a Pokemon with a significant pool of health. In the case of Support Pokemon, Blissy and Wigglytuff are great candidates for this item.

10 Rocky Helmet

Rocky Helmet is ideal for those who are tired of being pushed around by All-Rounders like Charizard. Your Pokemon will get an additional 270 HP and 42 Defense, but more importantly, it will reflect five percent of an attacking Pokemon's total health back after the Pokemon has taken enough damage. This item is a great way to counter any high damage output Pokemon, but is especially meant to counter Pokemon with large health pools like Snorlax.

Again, this can be a great item for high-health Pokemon like Wigglytuff and Blissey. However, this item can find its niche with more damage-oriented supports like Mr. Mime, by taking damage in fights and reflecting it back onto foes.

9 Shell Bell

The Shell Bell restores health based on the Pokemon's Sp. Atk stat. To be more specific, Shell Bell will heal a Pokemon for a minimum of 75 HP when it lands a move. This number increases the higher the Sp. Atk stat of the Pokemon. If paired with Sp. Atk Specs or Choice Specs, this item can turn a Pokemon into a self-healing machine of war.

Shell Bell is best coupled with Pokemon that are capable of dealing huge amounts of Sp. Atk damage. This may seem to be counterintuitive to the support role, but there are currently two Pokemon who fit this niche; Hoopa and Eldegoss.

8 Score Shield

This is a must-have for players who plan on playing aggressively. This item grants 425 extra HP, as well as a 10 percent max health shield when you're in the process of scoring a goal. You also cannot be interrupted when scoring. Though it does not appear on this list, the Aeos Cookie item synergizes extremely well with this item.

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Score Shield pairs well with Mr. Mime, who can put up extra defensive barriers to make the shield last longer. It can also be useful to Hoopa, who will be forced to play offensively when it inevitably becomes part of team fights.

6 Buddy Barrier

Buddy Barrier was designed specifically with Support Pokemon in mind. It grants you a 40 percent health shield whenever you use your Unite Move, as well as any nearby allies. The equipped Pokemon will also get an additional 425 HP at all times.

This item is an excellent option for Pokemon that specialize in healing. For example, Blissey or Eldegoss can fearlessly jump into the middle of a teamfight, pop their Unite Move, and grant everyone on their team essentially a new health bar. This can turn the tides of battle when used in the right hands.

5 Sp. Atk Specs

Sp. Atk Specs give the Pokemon a flat Sp. Atk boost of 24. While significant, it also permanently raises Sp. Atk by 16 whenever the Pokemon scores a goal. This Item can pair very well with the Score Shield from earlier in the list. If you go with this item, try to get as much Movement Speed as possible from items like EXP Share to close the gap to the enemy as quickly as possible.

Once again, this is a great choice for Eldegoss and Hoopa. Beware though, if the enemy team pairs this item with a powerful Sp. Atk Pokemon like Blastoise they can become a problem very quickly.

4 Choice Specs

This item grants increased damage to moves, to the tune of at least 60 when they hit. The higher the Pokemon's Sp. Atk, the more the damage is increased. Hoopa and Eldegoss can become significant threats when paired with this item. You won't often find a Support Pokemon running both, but this item can stack damage with the Muscle Band a little further down the list. This has the potential to create a snowball effect if used with the correct Pokemon.

This item is a great choice for offensively-minded players. Players can easily throw enemies off their game by choosing a support role, then playing very offensively and scoring lots of goals with these and the Sp. Atk Specs equipped. This will snowball your one-time support Pokemon into an unstoppable force to be reckoned with.

3 Focus Band

This item increases your Defense and Sp. Defense by 30. It'll also recover 14 percent of the Pokemon's total health each second once its HP runs low, and lasts for three seconds. This item is great with The Buddy Barrier item, as a Pokemon can use its Unite Move when in trouble, and can regenerate health to give them a precious few more seconds to endure the fight.

The Assault Vest or Shell Bell item can also be used with this item to turn your Pokemon into a veritable wall. Blissey and Wigglytuff are great choices for this item. Enemies will have a hard time hurting you with a build like this, but don't expect to be dealing significant amounts of damage.

2 Muscle Band

This item gives you 15 Attack damage, and a seven-point-five percent increase to Atk. Speed. You'll also get three percent increased damage on hit, based on the enemy Pokemon's current health. In simpler terms, this item can help execute low-health enemies. This is valuable to Supports because they typically do not deal huge amounts of damage, and need to step in to end one-on-one fights.

Hoopa gets the most usefulness out of this item, allowing it to attack significantly faster, and can therefore deal much more damage per second. Once again, it is most important to be wary of opposing Pokemon like Greninja and Cinderace making use of this item.

1 Exp. Share

This item gives equipped Pokemon an extra 240 HP and 150 Movement Speed. It also gives a Pokemon four EXP points per second, as long as it has the least experience on the team. This applies to any Pokemon on the team, not just the one that has the item equipped. This can be a double-edged sword, as all that EXP could go to an inept newbie who isn't farming.

If all goes correctly, however, this item is great for players newer to the Supporter role. Having this item means that you no longer have to defeat Pokemon in the Jungle, and you can instead focus on your lane and your allies. It can also be great when paired with the Sp. Atk Specs, thanks to the increased movement speed making it easier to reach goals.

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