Population: One’s Super Advanced War Mode Begins 12th March

Fans of virtual reality (VR) battle royale Population: One, currently enjoying the start of its season one event have got more to look forward to tomorrow. Developer BigBoxVR has announced a new event called ‘Super Advanced War Mode’ which will offer a big change in the small team dynamic.

The Super Advanced War Mode builds on Population: One’s previous War Mode and Advanced War Modes, where players are grouped into teams of nine, whilst still sticking with the same ruleset. The main difference this time, it seems, is that the two teams will start from opposite ends of the map, giving plenty of scope for different strategies. Of course, the shrinking zone will still be in place so you can’t camp. This should lead to some intense firefights towards the end.

Super Advanced War Mode starts tomorrow, 12th March at 12 pm PT (8 pm GMT) running until 22nd March. Open to everyone, you can subscribe here to be notified once the event goes live.

Population: One’s Season One Uprising will continue alongside the new mode, where players can access new weapons like the high-powered Light Machine Gun (LMG), utilise knife’s and swords for the first time and even tag locations should they wish. They can also buy the Battle Pass unlocking 50 tiers of rewards – 13 tiers are freely available to players.

In addition to the new mode, BigBoxVR has also released the following updates:

Physics (PC VR only)

  • PC VR: Fixed issue where climbing or other movement could become jittery
  • PC VR: Fixed “random” movement speed fluctuation
  • This is an entirely different physics system on PC VR, please let us know if there are any bugs

Gameplay Balance

  • Both Sodas: Healing amount doubled (from 25 -> 50)
  • Both Sodas: Time to heal doubled
  • Both Sodas: Max in inventory slot decreased from 5 -> 3
  • AWP: Walk speed reduced to 80% max when AWP is in-hand
  • Melee: Knife and sword movement bonus increased from 10% -> 15%

Gameplay Fixes

  • Guns: Automatic weapons now start firing again after being stuck through a wall while the trigger is down
  • Waypoint Marker: Greatly increased ping distance and limited the loot ping distance
  • Compass: Show cardinal directions instead of numbers
  • Mutes: A mute will now cross mute (a muted player cannot hear the person that muted them)


  • Rewards: Impatient update ~ now “Continue” can be pressed to skip the reward/unlock animation
  • Store: Fixed discount price not showing correctly
  • Battle Menu: Fixed settings menu breaking if open while the match starts
  • Post Match: Fixed UI displaying behind the environment
  • Spectator: Setting height when in spectator mode no longer has a hole
  • Localization: Assorted bugfixes

Supporting Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index and Windows Mixed Reality headsets, Population: One is one of the few titles to have surpassed $10m in revenue just from Oculus Quest alone. VRFocus will continue its coverage of Population: One, reporting back with further updates.

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