President Joe Biden Plays Mario Kart, Apparently

America’s latest President, which I think we can all agree is a serious upgrade over the old one, had his first Presidential Retreat to Camp David last weekend. We know about it because of various news outlets covering the President’s comings and goings, but also because of his granddaughter, Naomi Biden, who went with him to Camp David and played a bit of Mario Kart with the 78-year-old President.

And she lost, apparently, to the 78-year-old President.

Naomi shared a photo of herself and President Biden throwing down in a game of Mario Kart Arcade GP DX, the 2014 arcade racer released by Bandai Namco. These cabinets were widely distributed amongst Dave & Buster’s location across the country, so finding one in Camp David’s modest arcade isn’t much of a surprise.

What is surprising is that the current sitting President–who was born well before the first Mario Kart ever released on the Super Nintendo–is good enough at Mario Kart to defeat someone two generations younger. I’m not sure if that means Naomi is terrible at Mario Kart or if President Biden is some sort of Mario Kart guru. And if he is, well, I guess he’s got the gamer vote locked down for the next election.

Naomi reported in the Instagram post that the President is “a little rusty, but he still won (barely).” So maybe age is finally catching up to him.

In addition to an arcade, Camp David also has a heated swimming pool, tennis courts, skeet shooting range, movie theatre, basketball court (thanks, Obama), and horseback riding. It’s basically like a Presidential summer camp, minus the awkward conversations with camp counselors. Every past President since Eisenhower has gone to Camp David for recreation, except for President Trump because the military installation does not include a full 18-hole golf course (although it does have a putting green and driving range).

Now that Biden is nice and rested, let’s hope he does something about that semiconductor shortage that big tech is blaming for nobody being able to buy a new video card or PS5.

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