PS4 Dreams: How To Remix & Edit Levels By Other Players

If you’ve had the chance to play Dreams over the past week or so, you’ve probably noticed that some creators are a bit more creative than others. Gamers have been graced with Dead Space-themed levels, No Man’s Sky recreations, and even Stardew Valley‘s own Pelican Town — but where do you start if you’d like to make a similar creation and the creative juices aren’t flowing? Luckily, Dreams offers a unique feature called Remixing which can help jumpstart the right side of your brain.

Remixing is a simple process. In a nutshell, players can make an exact copy of an existing level and then modify it to their heart’s content. Love a popular new creation but think it’s missing something? Make a remix and you can change it! Taking advantage of remixing is a very simple process — although there are a few restrictions to watch out for.

First, head to the Dream Shaping menu and click on the option that says ‘Remixable.’ This way, every result that shows up after your search will be a level that can be modified. Many users don’t want their creations tampered with, and they have the option to make them off limit to remixers. So, if you’re browsing for levels to work on, be sure to select the ‘Remixable’ option to avoid dissapointment. After picking a level to modify, select the ‘Remix’ button near the bottom of the screen — it looks like the recycling symbol —and you’re ready to remix!

However, there’s one more catch — if you see the Remix icon at the bottom of the screen but it’s grayed out, you still need to finish some tutorials before you can modify that level. Head back to the Home Space, finish up those levels, and the option will become accessible.

Remixing is a straightforward process in Dreams. Just make sure to search for creations that allow for it and that all tutorials are complete. Follow those two steps and you’ll be working with masterpieces in no time. Of course, you can always search for a specific level to modify — just don’t be disappointed when it’s not remixable.

Dreams is now available for PlayStation 4.

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