PS4 streaming microphone is perfect for Fortnite fans looking for fame

If you own a PS4 and want to follow in the footsteps of streamers like Ninja, DrDisRespect and Tfue, then you might want to check out the latest gadget from NACON.

Hardware manufacturer NACON has just released a new streaming microphone for the PS4.

The officially-licensed NACON PS4 streaming microphone is out now at Argos, where it costs £64.99. 

Launching just days after the start of Fortnite Season 2, the microphone gives users the ability to talk over game footage for streaming and video production.

The device features directional recording, supports multiple connections and comes with cardioid technology that blends out unwanted background noise.

“Designed for PS4 content creators, NACON has developed the perfect product for recording and streaming,” reads the official description.

“Its highly accurate sound capture reproduces voices in crystal-clear detail. Featuring cardioid technology, NACON’S Streaming Microphone boasts directional recording to ensure background noise is ignored.

“It also integrates an analogue-to-digital converter (ADC) with 16bit/48khz resolution to support all connections.

Its elegant and understated design with blue backlighting fits naturally into any setup. The NACON Streaming Microphone for PS4 includes a sturdy metal tripod and a windscreen to block ambient noise.”

Elsewhere, NACON has also unveiled a brand new controller for first-person shooter fans.

The Wired Compact Controller now comes with a new camouflage design.

It’s also got a wallet-friendly price tag, costing just £24.99 from Argos. That’s half the price of a regular PS4 DualShock controller. 

“With over a million units sold worldwide, the Wired Compact Controller from NACON is now available in a new Camouflage colour that FPS and stealth fans will love,” NACON explains.

“The Wired Compact Controller offers all the essential features a gamer needs, including a fully functional touch pad, a headset jack and two vibration motors.

“Its ergonomic design is suitable for all players, and the soft touch finish provides the ideal grip and optimal comfort during long gaming sessions.”

Out now, the Wired Compact Controller is also compatible with the PC.

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