PS4 Trophies Were Briefly Wiped And Replaced By PS3 Logos Last Night

If you were happily minding your own business playing your PS5 last night and happened to check on your trophy list, you might have experienced quite the shock. That for some unknown reason, every single trophy you earned on a PS4 game had been wiped from existence. Whether checking your trophies on PlayStation's mobile app or on your PS5, they were all gone, and no one seems to know why.

To further add to the mystery of the missing trophies, the names of all your PS4 games vanished along with them. They were simply replaced by PS3 logos, as you can see in the screenshot below. That has, of course, lent credence to the belief that PlayStation is currently working on backwards compatibility for PS3 games on PS5 consoles.

If you went to bed worrying about where all your trophies had gone, or you're learning that they might have disappeared by reading this, don't panic. The problem has been rectified and everyone's trophies have been restored, or they should have been. What remains unclear is why exactly this happened. It seems almost certain that it has something to do with PS3 games coming to PS5, and might even be linked to the mysterious Project Spartacus.

Rumblings that PlayStation is finally working on bringing its back catalog to a bigger audience began when PS5 owners discovered PS3 games with price points on the PlayStation Store. The titles in question could be found there before, but only because they were available to those with a PS Now subscription. Prices being added suggests they will soon be up for grabs individually.

Speaking of PS Now, all the above also continues to suggest the subscription service is not long for this world. The aforementioned Project Spartacus is believed to be PlayStation's answer to Xbox Game Pass. If real, the service will roll PS Plus and PS Now into one hybrid option, losing the PS Now name and giving subscribers a choice of three tiers. It's believed the new service will launch this spring, and the trail of breadcrumbs PlayStation continues to inadvertently leave would indeed suggest the project is nearing completion.

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