PS5 restock at GAME confirmed for Thursday in the UK


There’s no official update from Argos (they don’t tend to make them for new stock) but GAME has confirmed that it will be putting more PlayStation 5 consoles on sale this Thursday, November 17.

That matches perfectly with the previous rumours and while GAME doesn’t mention a time they usually put them live from between 8am and 11am.

So if you want to make sure that you get a console you’re best to check the site first thing tomorrow morning and keep your eye on it until the stock is released, because it’ll probably only be live for 20 minutes or so before being sold out.

Argos’ next restock of PS5 consoles will be its biggest since the launch of the PS5 last year, and it could start as early as Thursday.

Sony has warned that the PlayStation 5 is going to be even harder to get than expected this Christmas, thanks to global chip shortages, so if you do mean to get one this year you need to be ready for the moment shops get in new stock.

Thankfully, there’s usually a fair amount of warning in most cases and PS5 Stock UK is claiming that Argos has already got in multiple shipments of both the disc and digital editions, which will be put on sale around Thursday or Friday this week.

Argos has been criticised in the past for putting stock live in the early hours of the morning, which disadvantages ordinary customers and makes things extra easy for scalpers, but more recently they’ve tended to put them live at around 8am.

Supposedly, the Argos restock will be the retailer’s largest since the PlayStation 5 launched almost exactly a year ago, which may mean that any subsequent restocks this year are smaller – and so this is your best chance.

Other major retailers will no doubt get their own restocks in the coming days and weeks, with the new PlayStation Direct service from Sony also now up and running – although predictably it’s already out of stock.

Sony has been doing it’s best to get more consoles into the country though, even going as far as chartering three cargo planes to try and meet demand.

GAME is likely to be the next major restock after Argos though, and may also be this week – or next week at the latest.

📰 PlayStation 5 (Argos) Exclusive News

A massive #PS5 drop is expected by Argos around 18th-19th Nov. Multiple shipments have been received, both Disc & Digital Editions, making it the largest PS5 drop by Argos since launch. Should be an 8am drop, as usual, in-store & online.

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