PS5 Showcase Teases Five Nights At Freddy’s Security Breach

That’s right, we got a first look at FNAF Security Breach during PlayStation’s Showcase event today. The teaser didn’t give us much, but it’s definitely not the pizzeria that we know.

If you haven’t been keeping up with FNAF, the universe has expanded well beyond its initial jump scare title to include several series of books, games, and potentially a television series. This universe is focused on a world where robots are infused with the souls of dead children, and these animatronics come to life to punish bad adults.

The teaser we got today looks like we will be placed in some sort of mall setting featuring different stores inside of a mega-complex. Of course, a giant golden Freddy statue is right there at the entrance, inviting victims in. We didn’t get a good look at some of the new characters that will be introduced in this game, but Funko was kind enough to leak that information back in July.

Given what the teaser shows, it doesn’t look like we will be confined to an office or vent shaft. Instead, it appears as though we are going to be in first-person view as we explore this much larger map, much like the mazes of FNAF VR. If that is the case, this is going to be one of the scariest versions of FNAF that we’ve ever seen. Be sure to keep an eye out for evil singing bears when this game eventually releases.

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