PUBG Player Waits Almost A Year For Customer Service Help

We’ve all heard horror stories of customer service being a terrible experience. Well, a post over on Reddit is offering another example as to why customer support isn’t always the best. One user shared a ridiculously long wait time they experienced when seeking help from PUBG, and it clocks in at just under a year.

The Redditor recently shared a couple of screen grabs from their experience with PUBG’s customer support. The initial email, sent on March 21, 2020, was over concerns with ranked games not starting but the user still losing rank points. After the user sent their email, they got the traditional response where PUBG acknowledged the issue and assured that it would be dealt with as soon as possible. They also asked for patience as they worked to get an answer.

That patience would be stretched for almost a year as the answer to the issue would not be sent until an email on February 24, 2021, arrived in the user’s inbox. Funnily enough, the email begins with “apologies for the delay in response,” and then delves into the common reasons why the game would be causing a loss in rank points – namely, recent game patches. This email then outlines that if the issue persists the user should send a video to help them get a better sense of how to correct it. Oddly enough, the user did send a video link when they sent the original email, though by now the link had obviously expired.

This is an extreme case that, hopefully, is not the norm when reaching out to customer support for PUBG. Though, perhaps this year-long wait was another result of the current pandemic that has affected numerous businesses and industries, especially the video game industry. Or maybe the email simply got lost in the shuffle, as PUBG remains an incredibly popular title. Still, a year’s wait is kind of ridiculous no matter how busy someone is.

Of course, customer support isn’t always as terrible as it is made out to be. In fact, it can be rather heartwarming. Nintendo seems to be leading by example when it comes to how customer support should be handled. Last year the video game company made headlines when they replaced a 95-year old grandmother’s broken Game Boy. Then, they extended an olive branch to those who purchased the wrong expansion for Pokemon Sword & Shield to get it all sorted. Perhaps PUBG should take a page from Nintendo’s book when it comes to supporting their customers.

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