PUBG update 17.1 PlayStation and Xbox patch notes: Sanhok returns, ranked season and more

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PUBG update 17.1 has finally made its debut on PlayStation and Xbox consoles, more than one week after launching on PC. The latest PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds update marks the return of the Sanhok map to its original glory. Other new features include the launch of the next ranked season, as well as the introduction of the low-recoil ACE32 weapon, and changes to Tactical Gear. You can see a selection of update 17.1 patch notes below.

PUBG 17.1 patch notes – bug fixes…


• Fixed the issue of the Deploy Parachute interaction not showing up/working at high altitude.

• Fixed the aim accuracy exceeding 100% once you start shooting at 0 seconds at the Aim Lab in Training Mode.

• Fixed the occasional issue of vehicles spawning buried in the ground.

• Fixed the issue of bots unable to recognize and/or go through Drones.

• Fixed characters’ missing emote animation at a certain point in Death Cam.

• Fixed the issue of teammates unable to Join Team Emote after winning a match.

• Fixed the issue of being able to see another player at the indoor shooting range in Training Mode.

• Fixed the issue of players dying instantly before getting DBNOed when reaching 0 HP at a certain location.

• (Console) Fixed the issue of being able to duplicate primary weapons stored in the Tactical Pack.


• Fixed collision, texture, performance, and more general issues in Erangel.

PUBG gets even more dangerous with release of Sanhok map


• Fixed the Custom Match session’s password settings getting reset after changing the session’s settings.

• Fixed the issue of Haven displayed in all capitalized letters at the Random Map screen in NA Server.

• Fixed the awkward title size in Training Mode when language is set to Arabic.

• Fixed the missing list in the Training Helper when language is set to Arabic.

• Fixed the issue of the end-of-match screen popping up twice when a Squad wins second place.

• Fixed the issue of the missing character at the lobby after previewing an item at the Store.

• Fixed the issue of the missing character and background after changing language settings at the lobby.

• (Console) Fixed the missing Plus Pack/Starter Package from the Store.

• (Console) Fixed the missing Xbox player’s profile when checking the received/sent friend request.

• (Console) Fixed the activated category issue at the Store item category list when there are no available items.

• (Console) Fixed the issue of players unable to interact with the buttons on the end-of-match screen.


• Clipping issue: Graphics that are shown outside the visible part of an image/object.

• Fixed the issue where the female character’s hip turns transparent when equipping both JISOO’s BLACKPINK bottom items with the majority of top items.

• Fixed the skirt’s clipping issue when equipping both JENNIE’s BLACKPINK Leggings with Sweet Threads Uniform.

• Fixed the pant’s clipping issue when a female character equips both Rabbit Season Hoodie with PGC 2019 Combat Pants.

• Fixed a female character’s Polar Bear Suit turning extremely dark in shadowy areas.

• Fixed the missing lock icon in Event weapon skins’ lock settings.

• Fixed the issue of certain parts of a dropped Mk47 Mutant with J0’s Mk47 Mutant skin equipped glowing.

• Fixed the clipping issue when equipping both Sinister Skull Mask with the Wild Cat Hoodie.

• Fixed the issue of RYAN’s Slippers turning transparent when equipping both RYAN’s Slippers with Divemaster Suit.

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