PUBG’s Console Versions Finally Get Cross-Platform Parties

PUBG’s PS4 and Xbox One ports have had the ability to play together for months now, but friends across both platforms weren’t able to party up with each other. At long last, the ability has come in the form of patch 6.2. Basically the same as the “Team Deathmatch” update that hit PC a few weeks back, console combatants can now finally put aside the barriers of their chosen platforms and team up together.

At the moment, this feature is limited to the test servers on both PS4 and Xbox One. The main game will receive this functionality on Wednesday, February 26. PUBG Corp was able to achieve this feature by overhauling the in-game friends’ list that PUBG has. Previously, each console’s built-in friends list was how players were able to find each other. Now, PUBG has its own dedicated browser for finding other players.

This is similar to how Rocket League and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare achieve cross-play functionality. It’s something that should become standard across multiplayer-focused games like this going forward. As we enter the next generation of video game consoles, there’s no reason players should have to miss out on playing with their friends simply because of buying the “wrong” console.

Along with the cross-platform parties, Team Deathmatch mode is available for console players to try. Shifting PUBG towards a more arcade-like environment, everything from the PC update applies to this latest patch. There are seven different maps based on existing PUBG locations. Friendly-fire and “Down But Not Out” states are gone and regenerating health is in. It’s basically Call of Duty, just with PUBG’s weapon handling.

Despite Fortnite becoming the king of the hill, PUBG has managed to stick around in popularity these past few years. It’s nice to see PUBG Corp give a legitimate effort to continuously update its popular battle royale shooter, even if certain players have dropped off. The game may not have been the first, but it was the real turning point that made even big-name publishers take notice.

PUBG may never reclaim its crown, but at least the fans still invested can look forward to more updates in the future.

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