Rainbow Six Siege Hackers Flood Game With Naughty Images

Rainbow Six Siege players have been getting a lot more than they bargained for recently as hackers have been filling screens with highly inappropriate imagery, including ones that show nudity and extreme violence.

The online tactical shooter has seen cheaters spoiling the screens of players with random pop-ups of chickens and memes which ruin their field of view and distracting them, as can be seen in the below video. But these jokey pictures have now become far darker with hackers posting NSFW and violent imagery (via PCGamesN).

Rainbow Six Siege features a ban feed, a system that shows the names of banned players and the reason that got them sanctioned which was introduced to help deter cheaters and reassure players, but the ban feed has been hacked.

Images showing nudity and extreme violence have been appearing on players screens via the ban feed due to hackers. This cesspool should have been alerted to Ubisoft and the developers should be dealing with this given the graphic nature of the imagery that has been appearing. It can also affect content creators as such imagery can lead to automatic bans for them if such pictures appear on their live-streams. Hopefully, the hacked feed will be fixed promptly.

In the meantime, to be extra safe you can turn off the Rainbow Six Siege ban feed by going to 'Settings' and the 'HUD'. Then, scroll to 'Bans' and turn it off.

In other news, Ubisoft has been trying to claim damages with a lawsuit pertaining to cheats. The company was able to confirm that 1,823 Rainbow Six Siege players were using Ring-1 cheating software. The company is seeking $2.3 million in damages.

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