Rainbow Six Siege: How To Dominate The Sugar Fright Event

There have been a few surprising modes and additions made to Rainbow Six Siege in the many years it’s been available, but the Sugar Fright Event is almost unbelievable. Going from a gritty, realistic, and deep strategic tone to a bright and colorful map full of balloons and candy is not something the hardcore player base was ready for. Since it is here, you might as well make the most of it and earn yourself some goofy holiday skins – here’s how to dominate this new event before it ends.

How To Dominate The Sugar Fright Event In Rainbow Six

The Sugar Fright Event introduces a new game type called Sweet Hunt that is played on a brand new map, Neighborhood. This game type will be familiar to any FPS player as a take on the Kill Confirmed style of match, where you need to collect an item dropped by any enemy you kill in order to secure that point. In a very non-Siege style move, you also have infinite respawns in this mode, a ten minute time limit, and score limit of 50 points each team is going for.

Break Your Siege Mindset

This mode isn’t like any other in Siege, and playing it like one will only hold you back. Be aggressive, rush often, don’t worry about holding angles. If you die, that’s fine, you’ll be back in a few seconds rather than minutes, and it won’t be a major deficit for your team. Use this mode as a kind of stress relief from how traditional Siege plays.

Spam Your Grenades

Unlike a normal Siege match, you shouldn’t be too precious with your grenades since you’ll be dying and respawning much faster. Throwing one out there, even in desperation, is always better than holding it and potentially wasting it. Even if you end up getting gunned down, that grenade could still kill your attacked and leave both points you dropped on the field to be picked up.

Stun grenades should be spammed even harder since you get more of them over time throughout a match. Toss one around each corner, or in every window, before running through to get easy kills.

Take The High Ground

This new Neighborhood map is very vertical, offering a ton of long sightlines from the upper floors. Use this perch to pick off everyone running around like crazy trying to secure points. It is also a great spot to hurl your grenades from. The only thing you need to keep an eye, or ear, out for is anyone coming up the stairs to shoot you in the back.

Camp The Spawn

Even in the primary game modes, Siege sometimes suffers from spawn killing problems, but in Sugar Fright it can get out of control. Yes it is somewhat unsportsmanlike, but if you don’t do it to the enemy team, you can be sure they’ll do it to you. If you’re part of a good squad, you can easily push your way across the map and get eyes on the enemy team’s spawn to lock them down in a cycle of death relatively easily.

Collect Those Points

If most people in your game are still playing the game like it’s traditional Siege, meaning very slow and passive, there will likely be a ton of points just sitting around the map uncollected. Sometimes it can be worth it to just go on a mad dash around the map and scoop up all those uncollected points your team, and the enemy, just leave out the fear of getting killed trying to pick them up.

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