Rainbow Six Siege update: New patch notes news for PS4 and Xbox One gamers

The patch notes released for the latest Rainbow Six Siege update are short and sweet, meaning there’s not a lot to look into.

What we do know is that this new R6 patch has been deployed to help bring back the M.U.T.E Protocol event.

This was closed down last week, with Ubisoft explaining at the time that new exploits found by players had made it unplayable.

“The M.U.T.E Protocol Event has been temporarily deactivated after the discovery of an exploit,” the message reads.

“We are working on a fix and hope to deliver it very soon. The event and Club Challenges will be extended once the fix is out.

“We will update everyone as soon as we have more to share.”

And today saw Ubisoft confirm the launch of that new update, albeit, with limited patch notes for Rainbow Six players to read.

According to the hotfix notes, today’s Rainbow Six Siege update removes the invisibility exploit and fixes the victory screen animation.

Ubisoft has also promised further news regarding the event re-activation will be shared soon.

So that means that The M.U.T.E Protocol event could be back up and running very soon, perhaps in the next 24-hours.

The limited-time event was only supposed to run until August 17, but we would expect Ubisoft to share an updated end date for when it goes back online, providing a few extra days for gamers to enjoy it.

A description of the event can be found below: “Set above the clouds in a neon-soaked sci-fi reimagining of the Tower map, MUTE Protocol pits Operators against each other in a fight to control two areas, while taking advantage of a radical new movement mechanic that allows them to travel through drones and cameras.

“Select Operators are outfitted in robotic cosmetic items from the MUTE Protocol Collection, which will be available until August 17, when the event ends. Log in and play starting tomorrow to experience this high-tech take on Siege combat.

“n MUTE Protocol, Mute has taken over the Tower and has sinister plans in store, so the Attacking team must attempt to reclaim control while the Defenders mobilize to secure their position.

“All Operators will be able to use the new movement mechanic, which digitizes their bodies whenever they use observation tools.

“Attackers will travel via drone and spawn wherever their drone is when they exit the drone view, while Defenders can travel through the camera network. This opens up a whole new world of movement possibilities, as drone holes become entry routes and cleverly placed bulletproof cameras allow Defenders to flank instantly.

“In keeping with the futuristic theme, the MUTE Protocol Collection transforms Attackers Jackal, Lion, and Ying, and Defenders Kapkan, Mira, Mute, Oryx, and Vigil into shiny robotic combatants. While these Operators will automatically be dressed in robo-garb when you play MUTE Protocol, you can unlock these cosmetic items, as well as a special event weapon skin, to use in other modes by opening MUTE Protocol Collection packs.

“You’ll be able to earn a free MUTE Protocol Collection pack by completing a special Event Challenge, and packs will be available for purchase from the in-game shop with Renown or R6 Credits. Individual Operator outfits will also be available in bundles for R6 credits.”

Patch notes from shared by Ubisoft today include the following news regarding Rainbow Six Siege:

-To prevent the invisibility exploit.

-Fixed victory screen animation.

-Rainbow Six event news coming soon.

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