Red Dead Online – Hunt The Leader Explained

Red Dead Online has a bunch of challenges for yourself and friends to participate in, and Hunt The Leader is one of the most intriguing. This quest type can have you and your posse of pals hunting down an opponent, or perhaps even protecting them. The best part of this quest type might just be that the Hunt The Leader quest can be extended to almost every player on the server if they wish to get involved. This can take a full server full of cowboy soldiers and pit them against one another, which is excellent. Oh, you may also need this to complete those pesky daily challenges, too.

In this guide, we’re going to break down exactly how you can complete a Hunt The Leader quest, what you’ll need to take it on, and how you can come out the other side as a victor, and not a loser. Just read through all of our instructions below, and make sure to click here to see even more Red Dead Online tips and guides.

Starting Hunt The Leader In Red Dead Online

If you want to start a Hunt The Leader quest yourself then you may need to be in a posse with multiple other players in order to get things started – this means you might need to convince your friends to log-in with you or find another group of players that are aiming to complete the same challenge.

However, you’ll still get the opportunity to participate even if you’re not in a posse currently. When a Hunt The Leader quest begins, it’s possible that it’ll become available to players nearby as a Free Roam activity. If you stay near your friends or hunt down those pesky posse members, you should be able to survive this challenge.

How To Complete A Hunt The Leader Challenge In Red Dead Online

It’s simple really. Of the posse that begun this challenge, there will be a leader, and that leader will be holed away somewhere. Now, if you’re lucky, and the leader you’re hunting is stupid, then they will be out in the open, and a long-range weapon will be able to take them down from a distance with ease, completing the quest without you even having to think too hard. That’s the best-case scenario. Worst-case is that they are hidden away in a building, with their posse patrolling the nearby area, making it very difficult to find them and take them down.

Of course, that assumes you’re the one doing the hunting. If you’re the leader, or you’re protecting the leader of your posse, then you should get inside a building and swarm it with your team. Anyone that approaches, take them down. Simple as that. When it’s a game of survival, you have to do what you can. Good luck on solving this challenging mission, but it’s a bit of a game of luck and chance, depending on who is playing on the server at the same time as you!

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